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Frankenstein, people are disgusted by his appearance, and are hostile towards him.

Frankenstein Slot Machine

Frankenstein Slot Machine Frankenstein is a 5-reel and payline slot, created by NetEnt in association with Universal Studios and based entirely on the iconic movie that remains one of the best interpretation of the famous Gothic novel by Mary Shelley. This button will activate the spin and also acts as a stop feature to stop the spin, should you want to speed up the results of the spin.

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The graphics in 3D will appeal to the eyes, the letters and numbers symbols will have a very strange appearance, because they are also part of the Frankenstein story and game. And that's not all. As the story has it, Dr. The setting is like a castle, and everyone will feel anxious, full of apprehensions.

The scatters activate 10 free spins during which you can win additionally 5 or 10 spins.

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On the reels you meet Dr Frankenstein, his assistant Fritz who actually appeared only in Mary Shelley's novel adaptionsthe monster and also find some attributes of the experiment like the brain. Frankenstein slot machine From the very start, from its intro video, Frankenstein slot excites you with the darkest underworld between life and death.

He was brought to life by Dr. You will start by selecting your bet, and hitting Spin or Auto Play for automatic playing, as you prefer. You will see the Lightning Wild symbol which can come up on reels 2, 3, and 4, and will replace all symbols except the Scatter.

Frankenstein Slot Game Review

Strong and weak points of Frankenstein slot Seeing an actual movie footage and including some additional references to the movie or the book would immensely improve the slot and make it so much more frankenstein free slot machines to play. Your browser does not support iframes, but you can use the following link.

Using this feature can get you more spins per hour. The Monster is the highest ranking symbol. The background is black, because it must be a dark and creepy night, when perhaps the Monster is to be created. With 3 of it, the payout is 40, for 4 Monsters it reachesand for 5 Monster symbols it soars to 1, Setting win lines can also be done by clicking one of the numbers on the sides of the reels.

Frankenstein comes next, with 3 symbols yielding 30, 4 symbols awardingand 5 symbols yielding 1, Frankestein collects dead bodies fragments and as a result he gets a creature that frightens Frankenstein.

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Additional sound, graphics and animation adjustments can be performed through the Game Settings tab to the left, which also contains the Quick Spin option for those who prefer a faster play. The question mark opens the help menu. The reels, the background and even the functional panel which is quite remarkable for an online slot as this detail is not always thought-through.

You can see chains in the upper right hand corner. It will come out on reel 5, and each appearance will up your wins by 1x, until 5x is reached. You will not only get the Slot playing experience, but you will also experience a new feature: There are also play cards symbols — its payouts are quite low, you may get only up to credits, but other symbols award you from 20 credits up to !

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