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After the fighters exchanged guillotine chokes and several knees, Cook finally got the takedown he wanted, only to find himself immediately caught in a very tight triangle choke by Levens. Preliminary Fights The first fight of the night seemed to set the tone for the event as Hasani White defeated Jack Chang with a barrage of knees and strikes, forcing the referee mississippi belle ii riverboat casino clinton iowa stop the fight at 56 seconds of round one.

Casino thunder bay ontario two fighters came out hard, throwing some heavy leather with Ramerez landing the better shots on the feet. However, the decision has been delayed by a new Environmental Impact Review process, which now requires more time issue a report.

Round two started with Mince throwing another hand combination that he followed with a high kick that just porterville casino fights.

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This spelled the end for Granado as Farber rained down punches, forcing Granado to turn over and give up his back. Estrada, wanting desperately to stand and punch, fought his way back to his feet only to get slammed again. Although he gamely resisted as long as possible, Cook was finally forced to tap out at 3: Cook answered with a couple of punches that Levens just laughed at.

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The tribe wants to move close to the Porterville Municipal Airport. Elmore, wanting to take the fight to the ground, took craps numbers in craps couple of weak double-leg shots that Mince stuffed easily. Chris Ketley then walked right into a Willie McDonald guillotine choke at 40 seconds of round one.

Conclusion With 12 fights ending in under two minutes and only two of the 21 matches going the distance, Gladiator Challenge continued to live up to its reputation of putting on exciting and action-packed shows. In a perfectly executed fight, Alex Perez sunk in and rear naked choke to finish Chris Solomon at 1: Bishop, wanting to go to the mat, took Ramerez and got to his back where it looked like he would win the fight.

For more information on concerts and events at the Eagle Mountain Casino in Porterville, California, visit www. There would also be restaurants, lounges, convention space, meeting space, a parking structure, and administration offices. The casino is owned by the Tule River Tribe. Rumor had it that Levens, undefeated and having won all his fights by KO in under two minutes, wanted to show he had more in his arsenal than just a punishing stand-up game.

In an action-packed fight, Jeff Hougland porterville casino fights the stubborn Julian Samaniego via arm bar at 52 seconds of round two.

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For more information on upcoming Gladiator Challenge events visit www. Eli Joslin then sent Anthony Vera crashing to the mat with some brutal knees at 10 seconds of round one. We believe that the new streamlined process will eventually expedite the review in the long run. Ramerez, looking like he was done for the night, with his nose bleeding and his face turning red from the choke, suddenly exploded.

Tribal Chairman Neil Peyron issued this statement yesterday: An environmental impact statement has previously been prepared and submitted. We support the efforts of the federal government to improve the environmental review process and reduce processing times.

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This meeting gave the tribe a chance to present updates on the proposed casino relocation. This time Estrada was not allowed to get back up as Garcia worked his way to the back, sunk in the rear naked choke, and ended the fight at 1: There is also interest to build a new fire station on the proposed property. Nick Covert overwhelmed Alfredo Mireles with hammer fists and knee strikes until Mireles tapped out at 1: However, the federal government is implementing efforts to modernize and streamline the entire environmental review process and we are working through the new process.

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Tripping Elmore to the ground, Mince then finished him via rear naked choke at 46 seconds of round two. Current casino employees would be given the option of transferring to the new casino.

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Drawing on a inner reserve of strength, he spun out to the top position and unloaded on Bishop with a flurry of huge forearms and punches that rocked him! Jeff Lacefield This was another quick one as local hero Anthony Ruiz stampeded out of the gate with a strong takedown. We had hoped that the draft environmental largest casino cruise ship statement would be released to the public this summer.

John Bishop vs Steve Ramerez Bishop, fighting for the powerful Bakersfield Combat Club, and Ramerez, fighting for the very technical Porterville casino fights Valley Shodokan team, provided the crowd with the best fight of the night.

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There would be a hotel with guest rooms. Dan Olgetree then defeated Vernon Cox by choke at 58 seconds of round two. Candido Estrada Garcia, showing a lot of aggressiveness, came out with a left-right combo, shot in, picked up Estrada, and slammed him to the mat. Right after that, Eric Sote arm-barred Tony Llames at two minutes of round one and Andrew Ramerez earned a hard-fought split decision over Francisco Romero.