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But kicking, the only method with greater reach, requires the kicker to be on one leg while he is striking—eliminating his ability to move freely and committing his weight in the event of a missed or caught kick. The Hands — Stable but Weak The hands are generally considered the least damaging of the weapons available to a striker.

Arlovski himself has had even more success doubling up the right hand and almost forgetting about his left entirely. Sergei Kharitonov was a middling grappler and couldn't check a kick to save his life, but his dexterity with his right hand almost got him onto the spel slots boxing team and allowed him to confuse even gifted boxers like Andrei Arlovski.

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New angles can be formed through footwork as T. If guys keep their guard up, you keep kicking underneath it, or at it, until it starts to sag a little and then you kick them in the head.

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John Hathaway famously caught Diego Sanchez diving for his hips, but no one has made a specialty of it as Joachim Hansen did. Anderson Silva debuted these as he avoided committing to punches against Demian Maia, tabac casino juans les pins they have since been taken up by several other elite fighters.

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But kicking is something which is never expected from the clinch. The ninth limb of Lethwei—the Burmese form of kickboxing—is the head. But the lead and rear hand serve different roles and always have.

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Similarly Anderson Silva scored knockouts with punches, kicks, knees, and an elbow. Peter Aerts has more high kick knockouts than anyone in kickboxing. When you are pushed off balance, your hands will almost always move out of instinct.

And with wrestlers putting their head at knee height all the time, there's plenty of opportunities to try something new, as Yves Edwards did here And Jon Jones has ground down half a dozen opponents with long, low, straight kicks before they even get close enough to swing at him.

As the nearest to the opponent, it can be flicked out and reach the target in the shortest amount of time. One of the many things which goes almost forgotten in MMA is that there is a constant flow between the ranges and those changes in range are when you can have a technique which previously wouldn't have applied all lined up and ready to do damage.

The weight of the limb, the distance they travel, if you get hit with even a slapping head kick there's a great chance you're getting laid out. A fighter is not the same person after eating five or six solid low kicks and nowhere was that more clear than in Aldo's bout against Urijah Faber. Everyone has their favorites and things that they don't go to so much or at all.

Low kicks have been a big deal since Pedro Rizzo was a young buck, but they remain a key element of the game to this day.

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Though head butts are illegal in MMA, head placement has taken on incredible importance as can readily be seen in the gruelling dirty boxing of Cain Velasquez and Josh Barnett.

Nowadays you will see guys like Donald Cerrone using this same technique, and Joanne Calderwood even did a shifting right handed one.

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That sneaky elbow midway through a struggle over a clinch from Alan Jouban is a great example of that. It was a big selling point of Chuck Liddell that he had scored knockouts with each arm and leg. The pairing of the southpaw left straight and left high kick is also a Cro Cop favorite which has served to score Anthony Pettis a couple of high kick knockouts.

Punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing. To knee one must get close enough for the opponent to strike them with power, and commit his weight into the blow while on one leg. Alternatively he will stick his elbow out in front as the opponent steps in off of the fence. But no-one is really an all around master of applying all eight limbs, especially not in MMA where the grappling aspect changes everything.

Chris Weidman likes the rear folding elbow. Alistair Overeem was able to knee even the great Brock Lesnar in the body with impunity, readying his hands to fight off an immediate attempt at a takedown. A classic and one of the main reasons that Mirko Filipovic was able to pick up so many high kick knockouts. They are normally gloved and if they are not it only serves to make them more fragile as they are more akin to a sack of pebbles than the large, single bones of the elbow, the knee cap, and the shin.

More recently, Kyoji Horiguchi demonstrated a nice skip up knee—a Thai strike on a karate style skip—which seemed to work nicely despite a lack of a step or switch. More popular are intercepting knees—wherein the opponent will do most or all of the movement to close the gap. Conor McGregor uses the low line side kick and pairs it with the jumping switch kicks, which in turn close the gap for his left straight.

And yet they are considered the building blocks of combination striking and the vast majority of strikes thrown in any bout will be punches. The oblique kick and the low line side kick.

History is full of men who have no other weapons but learned this difficult punch and dropped or knocked out world class all rounders. One of the roughest and most effective ways to find a spot to kick available to any fighter. Teixeira swung wildly against large, bony outcrops of Jones rather than his fragile noggin.

Azure delete deployment slot Jouban scored a fantastic KO with a quick elbow strike of this nature. But that same proximity to the opponent which serves to make the left hand so useful as a long, straight weapon, also makes it dangerous as a hidden, close range one.

Since it burst onto the scene in the late s the left hook has been the king of the counters and a game breaker. If I were to take a guy off of the street and had a year to train him for a heavyweight title fight, I might as well just set him to practising the left hook in answer to everything.

But the head kick is not as much of a rarity as it once was.