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The bigger, stronger team of Windham and Luger were eventually successful, winning the titles on March 27, Anderson and Eaton quickly won the titles on January 16, and defended the titles against all comers for the next four and a half months before losing the titles to The Steiner Brothers in May. The top rope broke from the turnbuckle, but he was able to land on his feet.

He spent many weeks in the hospital during that time, crediting his recovery to his wife, his physical therapist, and the fact he did not want his children to be fatherless. By mid, Anderson and fellow Horsemen Tully Blanchard began regularly competing as a tag team and rose quickly through the tag team ranks.

Ladd would also assist Watts as a booker behind the scenes, and had a large part in the development of Sylvester Ritter as the area's top draw. Retirement [ edit ] On the August 25, episode of Monday NitroAnderson formally announced his retirement from the ring.

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In popular culture[ edit ] The Comedy Central series Tosh. Later on, they found a rib, possibly torn away from the spine during the accident, was popping in and out of joint, causing shoulder discomfort and weakness. Ladd also had a decent run as part of a tag team with "Bad" Leroy Brown in the early s. He worked a couple tag matches afterward, including teaming with David Flair on an episode of WCW Thunderbut his physical involvement was extremely limited in those bouts.

When the International Wrestling Association had its brief run in the New York area, Ladd lost a 2 out of 3 fall match at Roosevelt Stadium, in Jersey City, New Jersey, to champion Mil Mascaras, 2 falls to 1 he pinned Mascaras the first fall, was disqualified in the second, and was pinned by Mascaras in the third.

Before long, Ladd was a part-time competitor in Los Angeles, during football's off-season. Ole's position with the group was only further weakened after he decided to take two months off after Starrcade. The Four Horsemen — [ edit ] In the latter half ofthe Andersons formed a loose knit alliance with fellow heels Tully Blanchard and Ric Flairas they began to have common enemies. After a run as a fan favoriteLadd became one of wrestling's most hated heels during the s, as well as one of the legend class blackjack black wrestlers to portray a heel character.

By the end of the year, however, Lunde left the company and joined Mid South Wrestling based out of Shreveport. Legend class blackjack March 6, memorabilia dump included a signed Arn Anderson action figure. Ole noticed that Lunde's style was a no nonsense approach in the ring and specialized in working over a part of an opponent's body throughout the match, much like Ole himself.

Anderson or Ric Flair. Anderson helped restore the prestige of the title, which he held for just over six months before dropping it to The Renegade. Despite the fact that the two, along with the Horsemen, were helping to generate millions of dollars in revenue for the company, they considered themselves to be underpaid.

Anderson and Tully continued to feud throughout the rest of the year and first few months of with legend class blackjack Road Warriors, the Rock 'n' Roll Express and the Midnight Express being their most frequent rivals.

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Though Anderson and Blanchard were two of the biggest stars in Crockett's company, they were frequently in dispute with Crockett over their pay. At this point, they were members of Paul E.

Anderson was also assaulted on Raw by The Undertaker leading up the Undertaker vs. By the end ofAnderson rarely competed in the ring as years of wear and tear on his body finally started to catch up with him.

As time passed, with no down time, the injuries worsened. The foursome frequently teamed together in six-man, and sometimes, eight-man tag matches or interfered in each other's matches to help score a victory or, at least, to prevent each other from losing their titles. Anderson quickly rebounded from his split with Zbyszko and formed a tag team with Beautiful Bobby Eaton, a long-time friend and best known for his time as one half of the Midnight Express.

He would later turn heel once again by helping Ric Flair in his feud with Stone Cold Steve Austinleading to Austin literally kayfabe urinating on him. However, he would be readmitted in March with symptoms akin to cardiac arrest and pulmonary failurebut was released soon afterwards. After being sent to their rooms by security chief Doug Dillinger, Eudy later attacked Anderson with a chair leg.

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He briefly feuded with long-time friend Flair, and was assisted by Winstar craps ante Pillman in his efforts. They quickly moved up the tag team division and were soon a threat to Steamboat and Rhodes. Surgery occurred in Atlanta in late resulting in a left posterior laminectomy of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th cervical bones and a fusion of the 7th cervical and 1st thoracic bones and was successful in repairing most of the damage, but there does remain some muscle weakness, loss of fine motor control, and loss of muscle mass in his left arm.

Six months later, the same event happened again, but this time he landed full-force on to the concrete and hit his head, neck, and upper back.

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The subsequent storyline positioned Ole as the weak link within the team, possibly attributed to his age. Ladd, Monsoon, and Valiant were the original three man team for the first few weeks of WWF Wrestling Challengebefore Ladd was replaced by Bobby Heenan and Valiant's role was reduced significantly to only calling matches when Heenan had to be at ringside for one of the wrestlers he managed.

Flair is not related to any of the Andersons, but he is a longtime friend of Arn.

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