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Some games also let you play in demo mode which if you're new to slots then this is a great way to learn your way around without risking any cash. Yep, they're all the possible win lines in a line slot game, and will light up whenever you get a win.

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The most popular at the moment are probably the Marvel Slots which feature the notorious Marvel Jackpot where players can scoop the progressive jackpot at any time during the game without even having to spin a winning combination! Play Penny Slots Now at: So, why set the number of win lines? With spins from as little as 1p, and payouts well into the hundreds of thousands it might just be the investment of a lifetime!

First you need to reduce your bet amount to 1p.

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Well if that's you at the moment then here's a little something you might want to try to pass a bit of time, have a bit of fun, and be in with a chance of actually making some money. Penny slots are a great way to hone your skills and discover the huge range of video slots out there without risking more than a few quid.

So 10 win lines at 1p per line will cost you 10p.

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Well the bet you set in step 1 applies to one win 1p slots only, so if you were to set the number of win lines to 50 then it would cost you 50p rather than 1p. Remember though that the total cost of each spin is your line bet multiplied by the number of win lines you're playing. Set The Line Bet You might think you've already done this in step 1, but strictly speak that wasn't really setting your bet.

Again, if you're a slots newbie then the concept of win lines can be rather confusing so I'll try to explain them as best I can.

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Online slots nowadays typically have 5 reels and up to 5 symbols per reel, oh, and up to 50 win lines! Well, that's a win line. Remember these spins are only costing you 1p a spin, so don't hold back keep spinning until you at least win something so you know what it feels like to spin a winning combination.

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When times are tough it's too easy to get your grump on and feel like you can't enjoy yourself. The real fun begins when you increase the number of win lines.

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If you think back to the classic one-armed bandits in your local amusement arcade then you'll remember that you have to land three matching symbols across the line in the middle to win a prize. There's a whole lot more to online slots that this!

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It would be near impossible to keep track of 50 win lines yourself, so fortunately the slot games automatically alert you when you have a winning line. Reduce Your Bet To 1p! You don't have to increase your line bet - keep that at 1p - but experiment by increasing the number of win lines and you'll quickly find that you're winning a lot more often.

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