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Brian Goggin sends the following article from The Chicago Defender, dated Saturday, 17th Junepage 12, columns 1—2.

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Very good swing, however, can be heard in the private membership Negro clubs which round up jam talent from the bands playing the Howard Theater. This was the band that Willie G.

Some of the men in the uniformed brass bands and fancy orchestras with fiddles could read real notes, but the men in the honky-tonk bands had no use for hieroglyphics. Claude Jones, on trombone, likewise had to be replaced by Fred Robinson.

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Sidney Bechet, whose soprano sax was so outstanding at the first session, was unable to play on the second. And you can hear the current stylistic trends about a year before they hit Washington. Teddy Wilson and his quartet. Cook never chooses to make his presence known, rather sitting back and arranging all tunes for the various shows that play the Music hall and other amusement places.

Listen to a Negro-played music that knew neither sharps, flats, bar-lines or any such invention of pen and ink.

I listened lots to Oliver like I used to listen to Bunk. They played nothing like each other.

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It was introduced to this country through New Orleans, and it was introduced to New Orleans by the Negroes. The Music Box, where Jelly Roll used to play, has a 5-piece band good as any around town. Johnny Dodds Is Near Death Chicago — Bedfast after suffering a stroke, Johnny Dodds was reported last week by physicians to be in a critical condition at his home here.

If he is successful, Morton plans to use Tommy Ladnier on trumpet. He may never play again, doctors say. In such lurid surroundings, Jelly and other locally celebrated colored musicians like King Oliver and Louis Armstrong were unconsciously shaping a folk music whose syncopated four-four time would later make the whole world dance and sing differently.

Occasionally, Washington does get a respite from corn when a good band plays a theater. To get historical perspective on swing, its defenders say, forget West Fifty-second Street.

Handy simply committed this music to paper. With almost the same group of old New Orleans musicians, Jelly Roll again recorded old-time numbers: Waxing prosperous, he adorned his massive smile with a set of gold teeth, studded one of them with casino mobile login diamond.

Jelly-Roll sings in a rough but soft and sensitive style on this side and in the number dedicated to the fabulous trumpet player Buddy Bolden.

Georgica Jelly in Black Jack Rogers

Dodds was probably the oldest living jazz musician playing. In time, others followed: It is safe to assume that they brought with them this strange new Africo-Spanish music. He was working on the north side with a small combination including Tubby Hall on drums when he was stricken.

In these columns recently appeared an amusing though caustic controversy on the question of who deserves the title of the Columbus of Jazz. He generally had a half-dozen pieces — clarinet, old-style cornet, valve-trombone, guitar, string bass and drums — and his major engagements were in saloons and dance halls of the Negro neighborhoods.

In his letters to Roy Carew, Morton does not mention this engagement, although at this time, he was often in touch with Alan Lomax.

Sensing a novelty for his forthcoming production, Ziegfeld called in composers and musicians of all nationalities, but not one could identify or reproduce the exotic rhythms and harmonies described by Jancai and Roszika. In the reviews section the magazine editor strongly implies that the reviewer was Stanley Dance. It got its name from the place where it was and occasionally still is played.

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Son of a New Orleans Negro liquor dealer, Jelly started playing guitar and singing spirituals at funerals, then switched to the piano when he heard a male pianist at the French Opera House.

MUSIC Jelly Barrel-house music is the sort of piano music you hear coming softly through the flaking shutters of the questionable little frame houses on the streets down by the railroad station in Charleston, Memphis, Birmingham, Mobile. With a vague allusion to the Congo, they seem content to let the question rest.

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