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Large fingered folk and those without serious nails will have an easier time typing as well. My eyes are neither young nor good and I had no trouble reading text or seeing things on the BlackJack. Raise the BlackJack's earpiece volume to max and you'll think you've turned speakerphone on.

The BlackJack gets a bit warm not hot if you playback streaming video for 15 minutes or more, or talk on the phone for 30 minutes or more.

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You can set it to always come on it times out when the display backlight times outalways off, or you can set it to only come on during specified hours; say on from 6pm to 7am we've never seen this before-- interesting.

I'm not a big fan of the Moto Q keyboard, but I do like the Dash's large, non-slippery keys. However, you can't stretch Cingular Video to full screen mode. While our game editor loved the Samsung's d-pad because it's fairly large and moves fluidly in all directions, others prefer the less fluid, raised edge d-pad on the Dash. That bunch will save you some money on 3rd party software.

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The BJ isn't hotter than other WM phones, but rather it's so thin, there's less between you and the circuit board so you can feel the warmth of the chips on the board. No headset included, which is particularly bad since the BlackJack requires a proprietary one.

Like the Dash, the Q is wide and the Q felt too wide for easy one-handed operation. Cingular Video support is very cool. The BlackJack has good key separation so you'll know when you've moved from one key to another even if you're not looking at the phone.

Keyboards are somewhat subjective unless you're talking about a gosh-awful keyboard that nobody likes or the super-roomy side-slider keyboard on the Cingular and Cingular which are typing heaven at the cost of a larger device and a slider mechanism.

I have thin fingers and long, strong fingernails which I enlist as needed; thus I can type easily on both devices. Great looks, great ergonomics other than the d-pad and immediate surrounding buttons. More compelling is the side size comparison, top to bottom: It takes better photos than the Dash and some other Windows Mobile smartphones on the market and is on par with Samsung feature phone cameras for some reason smartphone cameras often aren't as good as feature phone cameras.

You can limit video length handy for MMS or record until you run out of storage memory the phone can save photos and video to a motorola blackjack 2.

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Yes, the phone afl gambling tips stereo Bluetooth headsets but we're still baffled that Cingular chose not to include a wired stereo headset, which is included with the Cingular and Cingular So you'll click on one, then on the next and so on.

However, they lack spacing which drives some folks mad, especially those who type on the go and lack fingernails. The BJ is narrow enough to use one-handed even if you have small hands, the jog wheel with action button and back button are awesome as are the totally normal volume controls.

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Two standard Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries included in the box undisclosed capacity. The d-pad and flat buttons surrounding it will bother folks who talk and use the phone on the run.

While the T-Mobile Dash has a small case of chipmunk cheeks thanks to the metal bezel that bulges the lower section, the BlackJack looks stealthy with ever-so subtle curves that make it fit well in the hand and save it from rectilinear boredom. You need not disassemble the phone to access the MicroSD card slot.

But the BlackJack is king of one-handed operation since it's narrow, and curved just enough to not pinch the hand. That covers all locations in the world GSM service is available. The BlackJack i's call send and end buttons are right next to the slick as in not texturedd-pad, so watch out you don't hit them by accident. The device is average in clock speed and performance by Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition standards, being similar to the Cingular and T-Mobile SDAfaster than the Motorola Q and a hair faster than the Dash when opening windows and folders and launching applications.