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You should aim for the current legendary tour reward. You'll need ALL of it.

But you could theoretically be the most powerful player in the game without spending a penny, you'd just have to play a bit more than the people who have spent money. Doesn't matter if it's the guild you want to stick with or not, just join one as as soon as you can. How do events work exactly? You can farm gems fairly easily, especially later on. It's not necessarily easy.

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So, this sets you at around 2K, at least power short. Another 60 from the Item Enhancement Medal, and another couple hundred from class promotions. Use the green and blue ones on things you want to, but save the other artifact, mythic and fabled ones for now. They offer a bunch of passive bonuses.

We'll get to those other things later though. Request to ghost tours tournaments. The second option is definitely the best, but a few pieces of event gear should get you there as well. Join a guild asap. Also keep in mind that you basically never want to use gems on something you can get in the game normally.

And appearances aren't just cosmetic in this game, smart craps test also give you a ton of power rating and stats. If you have any questions, Gambling picture quotes check back here every once in a while to see how it's going.

Accrue as many essence of heroes and as much gold as possible we'll get to gold farming in a bit. This is where I'll end this for now. Keep any currencies, pvp tokens, merit coins, etc.

How pay to win is this game?

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Keep a good stash of event token boxes when you start liberty slots login those as well at level 60, I believe. As gems and skill runes increase in rarity they become more expensive to fuse, so you'll want higher quality runes to register phone casino into those.

You now have two options: This will allow you to run silver events, which award artifact level items. They cycle through different equipment sets. Just sell or trash it. The gold find stat is found through different equipment pieces sometimes, you can make trinkets with gold find at the forge, and you can get crescents which socket into appearance items and give gold find.

It keeps you from being killed and allows the stronger player to complete the tour getting you the loot you need. Kings road vault slots and fusion runes: However, I've scoured the internet for guides and tips and came up relatively empty handed.

The only one that's completely useless is crystal powder. I would try not to waste any event tokens on the legendary level event.

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Not that much believe it or not. Keep them all, basically. They seem to go trinkets, equipment, appearances. Get gold dragons ASAP. Outside of that, the heroic mode of the "Inner Sanctum" map is typically the best. They are also the only way to get appearances without gems.

What items should you keep, what should you toss, and how should you toss it? I have learned a substantial amount from the player base and wanted to offer some tips here for players just starting out.

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So, how do I get to 2. This is where you enter a tour with a stronger player but do not press continue. KillerDog has put together some fabulous guides on the KingsRoad forums as well.

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