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Winning at slots can be as simple as leaving the machine when you are losing, and staying when you are winning. An empty slot machine during busy hours "could" mean that e veryone who has played it has lost and moved on.

Keep up to date when the casinos have those bonus days: I sincerely wish all of you the best of luck, because without it, you're doomed to defeat. You may order through the store web site at www. The magazine offers a three-deep chart for offense and defense; projected rosters with jersey numbers, no age or birth dates; name of school and number of years NFL experience, plus how many games played and started in This includes third and fourth down efficient; field goal percentage; number of times quarterback sacked and average number of yards gained in passing plays.

Generally, the loosest slots will be found in the Las Vegas casinos. Instead, think, " Small win! Other than casino execs, who decide on machine placement, no one working at the casinos know where the loose machines are, or even if there are any.

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Regular season schedules, rosters, including birthdays, jersey numbers, years if NFL experience and their college are included. All slot machines are random, and short of cheating, which could land you in jail, there's nothing you can do to alter that fact. It's been my experience or maybe my imagination?

There is a six-page section devoted to the Canadian Football League no schedules, rosters or statistical material included here.

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You're due to hit. And if you can't accept that fact of casino life, then you are in for some un-fun-like times when you gamble. Watch and record in a notebook which ones seem to pay off more than the others and play those exclusively.

Play one coin at a time only until you get it, or until you lose the amount of the bonus, then move on.

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I promise, I'll take you out of here. Slot players are much like the mother bear with her cub I once met mountain biking. Never play two or more machines at the same time.

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Even if you did somehow manage to find the casino's loosest machines, and if you played them millions of times, you would still eventually go broke, only slower. If a casino does have loose machines, they "may" be near the entrance, near the cages, on the ends of aisles, on carousels, or any place where people congregate.

A player's card is used by the casino to keep track of your coin in and coin out so they can reward you for your play with comps and cashbacks. I'd stop doing it but I'm afraid I'll make it angry and it won't give me a win. Never play the four and five coin slot machines. One of the most important things you can do to get something back of value from a casinos, is to join their slot or player's door mail slot lowes. Make it a habit to always hit the cash out button when you leave a machine, even if you are sure that you have no credits left.

Projected starting lineups, draftees; off-season additions; how much it will cost you to attend a game including cost of food and beverages are also listed. Video poker has a much higher return. Although they may not know, there's no harm in asking, and every bit of information helps. Even knowing all that, I still play them on occasion myself.

Most slot players play until they have lost all their money. With the help of gambling legend VP Pappy, here are some things that we've learned over the years about playing slot machines that may be of some help to you when you challenge the odds and try to beat these money-munching-monsters of financial mayhem. Hell, I'm still scared of the old ones. For fantasy league players, you can see how rushers, receivers and passers did game by game.

I seemed to of had better luck on them over the years than the multiple line kind. Most of the people who play the slots will lose, and that will probably include you if you decide to play them.

There are statistics and a season recap in this magazine for the NFL and a six-page section for fantasy league players to get a quick preview.

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Nickel slots are usually set at percent payback. Money management and discipline are the only tactics that can save you money in the long run. There is no system for winning at the slots, only a way to make your monies last longer to give you a shot at luck.

How to find them, is the dilemma. In a typical bank of 12 slot machines, the probable placement will be something like this: Look for machines that pay the most for the secondary wins. The book explains how to apply box score statistics and angles to possibly project how a team will perform the following week.

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Today's modern computer-chip slots could have as many as several billion different combinations on a typical machine. What could be simpler?