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Aug 12, by Jacobison on Fuck You Comcast! Sitting here without service Again for over 2 weeks. Patricia Demauro picked up the dice and beganplaying craps and she kept rolling, and rolling, and rolling.

We spend tons on anti-dish propaganda to make sure most people are a little reluctant to even try dish. He said she would beat that record. I start at Neither Demauro nor the casino would disclosehow much she won during her marathon.

Waited over a week and made many reschedulings just for a tech to come install a cable outlet. After 75 mins on hold with Advanced Support what a jokeand another 30 mins after that, I went to a local retail store. Lying chodes Their internet speed test displays performance that is 4x faster than it actually is.

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She blew away the oldrecord set in Las Vegas almost 20 years ago by an hour and 12 minutes. Although the Guinness Book of World Records has no section for shooting dice, severalgaming organizations keep records of such events, Stevenson said.

When she finally passedthe dice to another player, over four hours had elapsed. After she had been throwing the dicefor about an hour, a crowd began to form. Have a good day without internet folks.

They only care about the money Now they twice nearly 3 times the cost for service compared to literally any other area in Colorado.

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Told billing guy whole story and went through verification again. Thecasino would not say how much she won. No note saying we will come clean this up or anything. Aug 14, by J on Fuck You Comcast! You can chat with a bot that will recite a few programmed in messages if you like but you won't find answers to your questions.

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They wants to send someone a week from yesterday, and I said fuck that and demanded someone come and fix it sooner, so they said they would send someone out today at 1. I said I wanted my installation fee refunded and did not want their service installed at all.

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Well considering all the money on the table and 1 of the dealers screwing upthe payouts and the effort of the borgata box man trying to hit the dice with hishand so she would 7 out. It saysPatricia Demauro, of Denville, N. Shoddy workmanship on installation. Their customer service is a disgrace. No one has loyalty to these piece of shit scumbags.

Never showed up again, so I called again and the same this happened.

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Aug 23, by Eric on Fuck You Comcast! Aug 15, by R on Fuck You Comcast! I have zero loyalty to you. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Monday. The first time took about 15 minutes, and the employee said that my new contract would be coming as a text message to my phone.

I'm very tolerant and appreciative of people trying their best to learn English and I appreciate how hard it is. I told her I needed an install, not a disconnect.

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Rudest man I've ever met walks into my apartment and tells me he isn't going to do the work I had called for. Their casinos have beengetting hammered because of the economy, and it seems like nothing but bad luckhas been occurring in the city. Not even CenturyLink is available.

I call them and they wanted to pimp him dollar by taking 25 dollars off Aug 8, by C. Lucky lady makes craps history in Atlantic City