Custom (Pre-defined) Time Slots on Sharepoint Calendar?

Time slot reservation sharepoint, using...

Both methods take a SPItemEventProperties object properties as a parameter, and all communications to SharePoint occur by modifying this properties object.

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When a recurring appointment is saved, a query must be performed on the series of appointments that would result. A single user may only reserve one time slot. The constructor code is shown below: I find DataTables a convenient way to pass multiple rows of data around, but I could have stopped when I reached the first conflict.

The calendar view should be handled better so that it can actually switch between month, week, and atlantic city casino revenue views.

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Monthly and annual frequencies can be based on a fixed day or a relative day. History Initial release December Catalin discovered two bugs in this project related to recurring appointments that I have incorporated and fixed in the downloads March Corrected the issue with editing the page in Sharepoint Designer Added a filter for invalid recurring XML Due to popular demand, added the ability to add a column to allow multiple Resources to be tracked in the same list.

Currently, these names are hard-coded into the web part. A user should be able to remove a reservation.

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Overlapping entries are added to the conflict table. Only members of a single, specific SharePoint group may actually make reservations.

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The recurring object delegates the calculation of the next date to the handlers in Recurring. Append " with the desired reservation. For Item 3, code must be added so that any other reservation made by a user must be removed before adding a new reservation. A user may not reserve a time slot for a different user.

ToString ; Points of Interest The most difficult aspect required recreating the recurring appointment behavior. The results returned are then filtered to isolate the truly conflicting entries. Due to the similarity of the functionality, both the ItemAdding and ItemUpdating methods delegate their functionality to the TimeConflict method.

ToString ; if modBy.

SharePoint Scheduling Assistant – Installation Instructions

See the links below to view or download the source code. The link to the calendar item is customized to allow the web part to make the reservation when the link is clicked. A relative day may be the first Monday of the month or the first Monday in October of each year.

If the span is larger, then multiple passes are made through the date range, with each query serving a single month. I thought that would be far enough in the future to resolve conflicts by hand.

As a result, the returned list is filtered manually. The users making reservations may not otherwise edit the list but the owner gossip slots no deposit bonus 2015 the list may.

The list definition contains the elements I need but there is extra work required to enforce these rules.

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There are many things that could be done to this source to make it more fully functional. For Item 4, the reservations editor should select the current user when making a resevation. There is not a lot of feedback given to the user if a reservation is made or not.

The web part needs editable properties that can be used to define the name of the list, field names, and the SharePoint group name. If a reservation cannot be made, the user should at least know why. The stopping behavior can include: Right now, a user with edit rights to the list must perform this function.

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If the conflict table contains any entries, TimeConflict calls formatErrorTable to format the ErrorMessage and sets the cancel property to true. SharePoint Development — dfbaskin 9: Reservations, then, must follow these rules: To prevent the reservation from being saved, the Cancel property of the properties object is set to true.

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The example below indicates that the appointment occurs daily for five days. Date and Time — The date and time of the start of the time slot. An example of a fixed day would be the second of the month or October second of each year. To simplify the interface, I created a Recurring class, and the constructor takes the start date, end date, and an XML fragment as parameters.

April 28, 2008

I would love to know why if anyone has any ideas. If the start date and end date fall on the same day, the entries for the week are retrieved. View requires Microsoft Silverlight 1. AddQueryResultsToTable shown below performs a query on the current time slot reservation sharepoint using the prepared query.

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