North Dakota Charitable Gaming

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The attorney general shall keep the information confidential except in the proper administration of this chapter or any gaming rule or to provide to an authorized law enforcement agency.

Only one of two or more closely related organizations may have a license or permit at one time. Except for a temporary site authorized for fourteen or fewer consecutive days for not more than two events per quarter, a licensed organization may not have more than twenty-five sites unless granted a waiver by the attorney general.

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Uses lessening the burden of government which include disbursements to an entity that is normally funded by a city, county, state, or United States government and disbursements directly to a government entity or its agency. An organization shall disclose on the application its intended use of the net income from the gaming activity.

North Dakota Constitution

If bingo is conducted through a dispensing device and no other game is conducted, the monthly rent may not exceed two hundred seventy-five dollars. No single cash prize may exceed one thousand dollars and the total cash prizes in one day may not exceed three thousand dollars. A project qualifies if it develops or promotes public services, including education, housing, transportation, recreation, crime prevention, fire protection and prevention, safety, tourism, and health.

A violation of this subsection subjects an organization to a suspension of its license or permit for up to one year.

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However, an educational organization does not need to be incorporated or be in existence for two years. Engage in gambling on private premises where the total amount wagered by an individual player exceeds five hundred dollars per individual hand, game, or event.

Charitable Gaming Laws of North Dakota

A calcutta may only be conducted for a professional or amateur sporting event held in this state but not for elementary, secondary, or postsecondary education sports events. As used in this chapter: At any time within three years after any amount of fees, monetary fine, interest, penalty, or tax required to be paid pursuant to this chapter becomes due, bring a civil action to collect the amount due.

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However, a distributor may purchase or acquire a used pull tab dispensing device from a licensed organization. The amount of prizes may not exceed north dakota gambling in bars percent of the gross proceeds. A licensed organization or recipient of net proceeds may not use net proceeds for administrative or operating expenses involving the conduct of games.

Pursuant to legislative appropriation, moneys in the fund must be distributed quarterly to cities and counties in proportion to the taxes collected under this section from licensed organizations conducting games within each city, for sites within city limits, or within each county, for sites outside city limits. If an organization does not pay tax due on a tax return by the original or extended due date of the return, or if additional tax is due based on an audit or math verification of the return and it is not paid by the original or extended due date of the return, the organization shall pay a penalty gambling places in wv five percent of the tax, Page No.

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Uses for stimulating and promoting state and community-based economic development programs within the state which improve the quality of life of community residents. The distributor has not met the manufacturer's standard minimum order quantity and freight terms.

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An organization may not permit a person under eighteen years of age to directly or indirectly play bingo unless the person is accompanied by an adult, bingo is conducted by an organization slot ram external has a permit, or the game's prize structure does not exceed that allowed for a permit.

Interest and penalty also must be assessed.

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In conducting pull tabs, prize boards, or bingo through a dispensing device, selling raffle tickets, or conducting sports pools, the attorney general may allow an employee of an alcoholic beverage establishment to provide limited assistance to an organization.

To use bogus or counterfeit chips or pull tabs or to substitute or use any game, cards, pull tabs, or game piece that have been marked or tampered with. The monetary fine for each violation by a manufacturer is a minimum of five hundred dollars and may not exceed two hundred fifty thousand dollars. The maximum wager is five dollars. An organization shall document that it qualifies as an eligible organization.