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Rokker black jack shirt. Rokker Denim Rider Shirt in blue

Even the enemy grunts are quite varied; they eat, talk amongst themselves and occasionally run screaming in terror. It gets bad enough that the Mars People and the Rebel Army team up with you to take them on! Leona's abilities are an amalgamation of all the other characters' abilities.

Justified, the vehicles are too small to have multiple crews. In 3D, Eri claims that a sunken ruined city was radiocarbon dated to be 8 billion years old.

So anything he wears has to look the business but be fit for purpose. Metal Slug 3's Japanese Army soldiers come in both olive and red uniforms in order to help the player distinguish which soldiers are going to blow themselves up upon death and, hopefully, avoid their dying attack.

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The Invaders in 6 eat Mars People. The Flame Shot shoots out a weak fireball that travels far across the screen, as opposed to the short-range but incredibly powerful Flame Shot of later Metal Slugs.


The world of Metal Slug looks nice and colorful, with tribespeople, animals and other natural beings living together in forests, cities and, in some stages, tourist attractions. Metal Slug 5 features a predominantly rock and metal-oriented soundtrack, with a rock version of Final Attack.

This game practically runs on this trope. This was a big call for the two-week journey, especially on my Ducati GT with no fairing.

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The sixth game notably added Ralf and Clark, the Ikari Warriors who have spent the last decade or so hanging out in The King of Fighters series. This attack is so powerful it can destroy tanks in one use, and it even provides the page image for the trope, no less!

Eri and Fio were added to the Metal Slug 2 roster, and playable through the rest except in 4, where Nadia replaces Eri. There are a number of unique mechanics and interaction with the Metal Slug that's only featured in the first game: The Rebellion Army and Morden don't show up in any capacity for 5. Utanthe Uzi-wielding chimpanzee partner that you could release from a box.

Metal Slug 3 in particular has a bunch of these, including locusts, crabs, snails, caterpillarsand Ohmu. Later games instead requires the player to be on a slug during the boss' defeat animation in order to receive credit doing the final blow on foot does not count.

It's the red ones. This man puts his bikes, and his gear through the paces.

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Nobody finds anything abnormal about bouncing explosive blobs, robotic exploding mini-cars THAT SMILEStones, a knife that creates a wave of energy, a mini thunder cloud that fires lightning bolts, a floating mini satellite, a gun that rips shit up Emperor Palpatine style with arc lightning, or a revolver that shoots spinning, exploding rifles?

And lots of it. Death of a Thousand Cuts: Most sprites have their turning animations show their weapons being switched from one side to another. Everything's Better with Monkeys: It can duck, it can jump, it's got two vulcan miniguns The series began with the Peregrine Falcon squad, Marco and Tarma, then added the Sparrows teamEri and Fio, who together all form the core of the series.

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Metal Slug 6's Mission 3 boss is a Humongous Mecha with a brain sitting on top inside a jar to serve as the head. Required with some bosses, who are vulnerable only in some areas. The special weapons aren't unlimited, but keep all their ammo in a single magazine.

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And played straight in that if you stand in the attack hitbox of his claw swipes, you die with the same animation as though you were knifed. Some of them are armed with the 7.

Emergency Trainee Battle Deployment: One of Utan the chimp 's idle animation is to pull bananas out of his diaper and eat them. A whole bunch of it is available in the collection Metal Slug Anthology, which runs the gamut from incredibly detailed drawings of tanks and aircraft to lots of pictures of the female characters.

However, with military and alien influences, things have gone really nasty. Bonus points for the Metal Slug requires the player to bring the tank to the boss arena and keep it intact until the mission ends.

The final part of Metal Slug 3 involves an assault on the Mars People's mothership and subsequent raid on the interior of such. A large number of things, most notably in Metal Slug 5.

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Plus, Rebel soldier weapons are rendered harmless, leaving you vulnerable only to Yetis, other zombies, and bosses. Present in the cellphone games in which the player can only control one character, most notably Metal Slug Mobile 3 in which you can play as Allen O'Neil.

The main characters are more than capable thompson ny casino map taking on zombies, yetis, zombie yetis, aliens, giant robots, UFOs, and everything else with just a pistol, a knife, and some WWII stick grenades.