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Each hole has a lever that you manually trigger to flick a paddle under the ball to shoot it towards the basket. Harry Williams was hired by Bally inand Bally was going to remake the Miner baseball game. Looks like a rolldown cabinet pinball, but there are no flippers.

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Big InningBally,one player, light animated runners on playfield and backglass, automatic pitching unit player only controls the batunusual cabinet design almost pre-WW2 styling. Note there was also another Bally Big Inning game made in one player. Big BatBally Midway,electronic pitch and bat.

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Score reels only show strokes taken and hole number. A more pitch and bat style of this game was released in with Williams' Hollywood Driving Range game. Unfortunately it was also a mechanical nightmare, and was difficult to keep running on location.

Also has a red animated animal score reel in the center of the playfield with pictures of the animals that are knocked down by hitting the center target. Grand National SweepstakesSeeburg,Seeburg Grand National was made in the early 's when gambling on pinball games had become extremely popular. Horse ShoesExhibit Supply,a dice game, but does not payout, more of a trade stimulator.

Chronological Order of all above Sports Games: Play BallMidway,one player. Pro Block a Shot basketballBriarwood, 1948 mills nickel slot machine, two players.

Only about of these were made, as they did not sell well they had to compete with videos and pinballs. If a 25 yard target is hit, a running man unit football player "runs" to first base.

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Basketball - SegaSega, Bullseye BaseballChicago Coin,two players, multiple pitches curve, straight, sliderpop-up ramp. An updated replay version was released that had an engineering change casino near kirksville mo the original game.

This includes horse racing, hockey, football, baseketball, boxing, golf, sports related animated pinball, non-baseball pitch and bat, sports bowling games, and manikin bowling games. Evans went out of business inand the manikin bowler idea was bought by Williams and used in their "Ten Strike" and "Ten Pins".

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Twin HockeyChicago Coin, early to mid s exact date unknowntwo players. Supreme BolascoreSupreme Enterprises,one player, a revamp of Evan's Ten Strike manikin bowler, uses a giant "roto-target" instead of individual bowling pins.

Also available in novelty version with no replays. Available only in 7 foot "jumbo" playfield length.

Team HockeyUnited, s exact date unknown. Little LeagueMidway,one player.

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Short StopExhibit Supply,one player, pinball game but no flippers. Chester Pollard BaseballChester Pollard, s exact date unknowntwo player, not coin operated.

Play BallGenco,a rolldown game. Note there was also another Bally Big Inning game made in two players. For example, a non-replay novelty version for New York and Wisconsin where winning a replay was considered illegal. Bally Basket BallBally,bally basketball game.

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All American Baseball GameAmusement Machine Corp, made toone player, the game World Series by Rockola was based on and nearly a copy of, manikin playfield players. Their yearly baseball was usually introduced early in the year, in the Febuary to May time-frame.

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Also a defensive manikin that moves left and right in front of the player controlled offensive manikin. Carnival Target, Midway,two players. Pre-WW2 not the focus of this document, but some interesting models: Fighters is a manikin boxing game.

Fast BallExhibit Supply Company, late s exact date unknownone player, flipper baseball game, woodrail head and body. Also see Max Manufacturing's Champion Hockey. Starting inWilliams usually produced one new baseball game every year until about