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What referees throw to signal that a penalty has taken place.

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A foul a player can get for unsportsmanlike behavior. Running Out the Clock: The area between the line of scrimmage. When a designed play falls apart, forcing the offensive player to try to improvise to come up with positive yardage.

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When the defense catches a pass from an opposing quarterback. The defensive secondary can also be called the defensive backfield.

Kudos to you for coming here and trying to learn all of these terms so that you can join all of us whack jobs who would actually prefer to watch football all day than spend a night with a playboy bunny. The area at each end of the field where players with the ball can score touchdowns. Man-to-man — each eligible receiver is covered by a defensive back or a linebacker Zone — certain players usually defensive backs and linebackers, though occasionally linemen are assigned an area on the field that they are to cover.

A ball that is still considered in-play.

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A legal lateral is when a player passes the ball parallel or behind him to another player. Plays can start between the hash marks.

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An offense that is moving quickly, with little time between plays. A ball carrier can be any player that attempts to advance the ball during an offensive play, regardless of position.

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Also called an "onside pass" in Canadian football. A seldom-used kick where the ball is dropped on the ground and kicked after it bounces once. Used by teams with a good lead in the score.

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A philosophy of offense that stresses low-risk play that results in very few turnovers. Weak side football lingo slot will sometimes pull and lead the back downfield sometimes called a "counter trap".

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The space between the Guard and Tackle is the B-Gap. In some cases, a dig route is considered a very long buttonhook, such as 15 yards or more downfield. Refers to the group of players who play on kickoffs, punts, free kicks, and field goals.

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When a defender or pass catcher uses undue contact to prevent a reception from occurring. A player position on offense.