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Further, the Act provides that a material win includes the possibility of continuing the game without the need to place a bet for participating in the game, or starting a new game by using the material win obtained in the previous game.

Slots inferno no deposit codes complicated tax system, often based on turnover, is the main reason why the Polish market for licensed online gambling operators is not attractive to operators from outside Poland.

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Therefore, as already described above, it would be recommendable to exclude online poker from the scope of the monopoly of the State Treasury, to allow private operators to obtain a licence for online poker, and to allow Polish players to participate in international poker tournaments played online.

In addition, tax bases for different types of games must not be aggregated. The Minister of Development and Public Finance is responsible for granting permissions for cash bingo hall and betting.

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What to expect from Polish gambling regulations? Instead, it would be better to define gaming machines as those that unlicensed entities are prohibited to possess and that require registration.

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In addition to numbers games, cash lotteries and telebingo games, traditionally subject to the monopoly, the amendment strives to monopolise organising games on gaming machines outside games casinos and the entire online gambling games sector, except for betting and promotional lotteries.

Polish operators cope with the payment of such turnover tax by shifting the burden to the players — e. The activity within the field of cash bingo shall be conducted under the cash bingo hall operating permission. The introduction of such a broad scope of the monopoly will be to the detriment of private operators, whose freedom of activity in this area will be therefore prevented.

Then, it would be possible to aggregate taxation bases. However, it seems absurd to consider this a reason for blind positions texas holdem chess or draughts as a gambling game, and consequently, to consider a computer or a smartphone a gaming machine that must not be owned without obtaining a licence and without fulfilling the registration obligations.

The majority of gambling games are games where a player needs to pay a stake in order to participate, and he can win money or a prize. It should be also considered whether or not the various tax rates in Article 74 of the Act should be uniform and replaced with a single rate.

Further, if a computer game or a smartphone game is organised for commercial purposes and there is no definition of such purposes and has a random character, it is a gambling game using a gaming machine even if a player cannot win anything, not even an opportunity to continue the game or start a new game.

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Namely, the Act provides that games on gaming machines are games on mechanical, electromechanical or electronic devices, including casino drive la gacilly devices, for a cash win or a material win, in which the game contains an element of randomness.

Another positive change is restoring the possibility of organising poker games outside games casinos by entities holding a relevant licence, both in the form of a game played by a player against the operator, and in the form of a tournament between players. As already discussed in the press, such a broad approach may lead to absurd situations, where not only a roulette table, but any piece of equipment of a games casino, can be considered a gaming device, because, for example, there is no doubt that lamps affect the ability to organise games, and a game of poker requires the use of a table and chairs.

This means that if a game of poker is not played for a cash prize or a material prize, then poker is not a gambling game, and thus, is not subject to the regulations of the Polish Gambling Games Act. Hence, the relevant provisions of draft Article 5 should, rather, be as follows: The very restriction of the freedom to operate in Poland may also fail the proportionality test that allows for restricting freedoms, but only where such restrictions are necessary and proportionate, and therefore, if the use of less onerous measures would not allow to achieve the appropriate level of protection of the public interest, understood here as the protection of users against threats of pathological gambling.

Poker games may be also organised in the form of tournaments outside games casinos by an entity which does not hold a licence for the operation of casinos under regulations stipulated in the Gambling Act article 6a paragraph 2. Organization of the games within the state monopoly shall be subject to approval of the game rules by the Minister of Development and Public Finance.

Gross gaming revenue GGR applies only to audiotext lotteries, roulette games, dice games and card games but with the exception of poker played in the form of a tournamentand to games on gaming machines. Where a player does not risk the stake he paid, there is no cash win or material win, and skills prevail over the random element in the game itself, such game should not be considered a gambling game.

If there is any prize, poker will change its character from a card game to a gambling card game.

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Gaming machines and gaming devices The Act and its amended version prohibit organising games on gaming machines by entities that do not hold an appropriate licence. What is important, the element of randomness does not need to be predominant — any, even the smallest one, will be sufficient.

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Then, if someone organises a game of random character, for example, solitaire, on their website, with the aim, for example, to keep a user on the site when advertisements are displayed a commercial goalthen, providing a user with such entertainment free for charge, but where there is nothing to win, will be classified as a gambling game on a gaming machine, and organising it and participating in it can lead even to criminal penalties.

Fees for the use of sport results As soon as any contest between people or animals finishes, the results are made public. The Register is available under: It should be considered whether these measures are absolutely necessary, and, given their onerousness, whether they are able to pass the proportionality test.

The amended Act suggests defining gaming devices as any device used to hold a gambling game, and any device whose operation affects the operation of games.

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If the amendment enters into force in its present form, an audiotext lottery will be defined as a lottery, in which users can participate through a paid phone call or by sending a text message, regardless of whether the entity organising it offers cash wins or material wins.