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Taking the odds When the shooter establishes a point on the come-out roll, any player who has made a pass line bet is allowed to "take the odds. Find out what edge you have based on your SRR values.

The Twelve-Dollar 6 and 8 System in Craps

Most shooters, as well as most of the other craps players at the table, will bet the pass line, as it is the basic wager of craps. Smart Craps is shareware, which means you can download it and try it out for free. Back to Craps Systems Gambling Systems.

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A roll of 12 is a craps delphi. Place bets on 6 and 8 I've covered the four best bets that you can make in the game of craps. Laying the Odds Craps Strategy: Shipped to your doorstep on CD.

Add-on Components for Smart Craps

To win this bet, your come point must be repeated before a 7 is rolled. The don't pass line bet wins when he shooter throws a craps of 2 or 3, but not 12, on the come-out roll, or when he rolls a 7 before repeating his established point number.

Correct odds payoffs are craps delphi follows: Using the dice influence indicated by your Pro Test results, Smart Craps determines your actual edge at the game for different bets! Craps - Come Bets A come bet is identical to a pass line bet, with one exception: As an example, suppose you have established a point of 8 on the come-out roll.

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The don't pass line bet is the exact opposite of a pass line with on exception: Even so, if you make only those wagers that carry a small house edge, your chances of leaving the craps table a winner after a short playing session are reasonably good. Features in Smart Craps Smart Craps is crammed with features designed to help dice control experts maximize their potential in the game of craps.

If a 7 is rolled, you will lose and wagers on the don't pass will win.

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You don't even have to tell us your e-mail address or any personal information. Risk of Ruin ROR calculators and simulation: Smart Craps is a fundamentally new way for dice controllers to win at the casino game of craps. But if you then roll 7, you will lose your pass line wager, since the 7 came up before your point number.

You don't want to lose out on any winnings that are rightfully yours. The odds bet not only has no house edge associated with it, but also has no official designated space on the craps table.

Command line batch processing: Only when you seven-out will the stickman push the dice to the next player in succession. Record each throw with only two clicks on your laptop or handheld computer.

Common Questions

Some casinos bar the number 2, but the effect is exactly the same. However, a bet placed on the pass line after a point has been established is a very poor wager, since you have missed the opportunity to win on the come-out roll when the shooter throws a 7 or an After you have placed a come bet, the very next roll of the dice becomes the come-out roll for that wager.

The odds bet is the best wager you can make in the game of craps, because the house has no built-in advantage. The reason for this is simple: Of course you should never do this.

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Should the shooter throw one of the box numbers on the first roll of the dice after you've made a wager on the come, this number becomes an established point for your come bet. Thus if the shooter rolls a craps number of 2 or 3, you will win while don't pass line betters will not be affected.

When the shooter establishes a point number on the come-out roll, players who have made don't pass line wagers are permitted to lay the odds, which is exactly the opposite of taking the odds.