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Noted a small defect in one shoe slight delamination of the rand from the upper. Consider the ground you hike most often and check out the individual reviews which highlight how each model performed on every type of surface tested.

The high ankle collar and waterproof upper of the Synthesis Mid GTX make a great combination for strapping into snowshoes. Versatility How many things can one pair do? We walked on flat and rough trails in each to see how well they handled each, noting any soreness or tiredness our feet developed.

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While walking, the boot flexed unevenly above the toes and caused pressure points. The three products without a waterproof membrane, the Vasque Juxt, Oboz Sawtooth Low and Merrell Moab 2 Ventilatorturned out to breathe the best, as expected.

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The roominess of the toe boxes, arch support, rockered soles, and overall protection were all scrutinized as well. Weight Light is right for footwear. For example, with hiking shoes, you might prefer something that is lightweight, but chances are it won't be as supportive as a result.

Boot material above the toes flexed evenly; no unusual pressure points while walking.

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Here's are my impressions: Several shoes in this review feel natural at a running gait, but none combined nimble running ability with powerful support better than the Salomon X Ultra. Holding the front of the shoe in one hand and the heel in the other, we twisted the shoe, similar to wringing out a towel. Fastpacking adventures are fun and growing in popularity, and we wanted to know which models were up to the task.

We enjoyed the ease and high functionality of speed lacing systems that require no knot-tying, as found on the Salomon, Adidas, and La North face slot gtx winter boot Synthesis models.


Salomon Toundra Mid Good fit in We took each model to the local gym to walk on a treadmill at the same speed 3 mphsame incline moderateand for the same distance 1 mile in the same socks no fear, we cleaned them between trials.

Matching shoes to your most common trail conditions helps you achieve the most out of your outsoles.

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Models that are to the right and on the low side of the graph are those with the best value relative to their price, such as our Best Buy winner, the Vasque Juxt, along with the Oboz Sawtooth Low. Warm, but only if you were moving. On rough and chossy terrain, appreciation for great foot support and stability grows. We took copious notes on each model's performance and then tabulated the results to rank them according to a set of pre-determined metrics.

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Again, the deep and multi-directional lugs of the Salomon X Ultra cut through the mud most efficiently, finding hidden rocks or more stable soil to gain purchase. If you're wondering about the tradeoff between the price and our estimate of the value of the product, check out the table below. Coming down, we again fell for outsoles with heel brakes which tended to catch a sliding foot.

A midsole insert can stiffen the sole and allow a hiker to find traction in loose scree or mud more easily. Each model was tested side-by-side on five separate surface types to come up with the shoes' overall traction score.

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The Columbia Redmond Waterproof is also light 1. Wide bases provide a stable foundation for powering through each step.