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Again, mistakes in each picture, but these types of counterfeit bags cheat people out of LOTS of money every single day! An original bag will have even and regular stitching.

Not only do we guarantee louis vuitton speedy slot every listing on our site is authentic, make our listings completely transparent with lots of pictures, we also have NEVER had a buyer make a counterfeit dispute with us! Notice how some are much more obvious than others.

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Any metal clasps, buttons, zippers, plates or locks will have a number or the Louis Vuitton name printed on it. And last, but not least Louis Vuitton Speedy bags are very expensive products and everything about it needs to feel of very good quality.

I will start with the particularities of its lining. Is it a model with a d-ring inside?

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This is the type of fake that can be authenticated by someone without a deep understanding of Louis Vuitton. It's not obvious that it's a fake to those unfamiliar with the designer. It is very likely that the hardware on this bag could even be plastic! The use of a different looking one shows that the item is a fake.

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The original bag has a brown cotton canvas, but on offshore gambling license you will find many variations for this very simple and common brown cotton canvas lining. All these details matter and it will help you determine if the bag is original or not. What type of lining should it have?

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Nowadays, replica manufacturers have discoteca casino de vilafranca their designs so well that it is almost impossible to differentiate a well-made fake from the original product.

For example, on a Speedy the leather tab where the handles attach onto the bag should have 5 identical and even stitches. Regardless, where these words are stamped, these need to look clean and clear without any smudges or surfaces that have a lower legibility. Super Fake Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy Bag Even though not many pictures were provided for this much more convincing fake, an expert in Louis Vuitton authentication will be able to tell that this is a fake.

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What codes and markings louis vuitton speedy slot it have? Should it have feet or not? Though all counterfeits are not as well made as their authentic counterparts, poor obvious fakes have the worst quality imaginable. Louis Vuitton is very careful about this very small detail.

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A Monogram Speedy must have a brown cotton canvas lining regardless of its manufacturing year. Notice how all the features on this bag look better than the previous examples?

Obviously Fake Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy Bag Though this obviously fake Louis Vuitton bag exhibits patina on its fake vachetta leather, there are many errors in each picture!

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Include blogs and site content Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag Authenticity - 4 different fakes By Bebefuzz For proper authentication, it's important to not only know the details of genuine designer items, but to also be aware of what counterfeits look like.

This time the Speedy is in a damier ebene canvas.


Literally, Louis Vuitton has put his name on every important part of its bags and the hardware is no exception. How should the base be? Even the stitching is important.