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Unlike many other entries, there is only one Death Blow gauge, so they cannot be performed one straight after another. If the Magic Meter is depleted naturally, then the character will perform a different Focus Spirit finisher. All characters start with one gauge, though it can be permanently upgraded to a maximum of three gauges through the Crest Market.

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Hyrule Warriors Edit Musou attacks in this series are coined Special Attacks, and consume one special gauge to perform. Musou Attacks however, are easily punishable should they miss in some manner, as they provide no invincibility during the sequence. Unleashed by tapping A during Focus Spirit mode, the finisher will forcefully deplete the Magic Meter prematurely.

These versions of Musou Attacks no longer can clash with each other, as two Musou Attacks pitted against each other are mainly dictated whose invincibility frames last longer and the timing of when each Musou Attack was activated. Special Attacks are divided into Level 1 and Level 2 variations.

Focus Spirit finishers serve as this title's variant of Ultimate Musou attacks. This attack animation will involve both characters attacking together. When initiated, however, the battlefield slows to a bullet-time like sequence and automatically stuns nearby foes upon startup. True Union Art which has the player fight freely in bullet-time while supported by AI-controlled teammates and causing every hit landed to be a free critical hit even from simple contact through movement.

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True Awakening Wild Dance. Mounted Musou speeds the horse's sprint and provides an automated sequence from the rider.

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Players have the option of controlling their character to perform other attacks if they should desire for the entire invincible duration. Multiple stocks may be filled for repeated use against a powerful opponent.

Holding down allows the player to remain invincible until they can unleash the attack. Level 2 Musou attacks consume two full gauges to perform, and require holding down the Special Attack button for a longer duration than the Level 1 attack. Aerial Musou attacks are useful for breaking out of mid-air flinching while their stationary R1 counterparts are more damaging.

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The Awakening Special has its own unique animation for each character, but does not have any unique properties of its own. Xtreme Legendscarried over from certain fifth weapons in 3: Each SP attack level initiates a unique attack which is linked to another level.

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When the character has at least one bar full, the player can press to perform the Special Attack. I Dynasty Warriors 9 gives the playable cast two different Musou attack types: Ken's Rage allows characters to equip a maximum of four different Signature Moves per battle.

The Death Blow attack can only be performed if the gauge completely full, and is glowing orange. However, Musou Attacks no longer extend the duration of the combo count between its non-damaging startup, ending and mid-Musou Attack. They now require one full stock and automatically flinch surrounding foes upon execution with slowed-down-bullet-time hitstun that also can pick up foes lying on the ground even though it can be blocked and broken out of with another Musou Attack ; characters may hold up to four stocks, but can no longer recharge Musou with.

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They will end if players release before the gauge is emptied or if their character falls off a platform. On the third level, a secondary effect is added to the character's attacks, which may include a shadow effect, faster attack execution, support fire, and so on most of them can also inflict extra damage casino lung fung peru downed targets just like both the shockwave finisher and the jumping charge attacks can, as well as potentially lock down the said targets as they continuously occur.

Unmatched Burst by following up one Musou attack with another via switching. However, as of the second game, Level 2 attacks are instead a different attack than the Level 1, and are usually a stronger attack. However, a notable buff includes targets being kept in place for the whole Musou Attack chain to connect, with some normal Musou variations inflicting normal grounded hitstun which lead to more damage without the aerial penalty.

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