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Argentina Casino & Gambling Overview

We care about the people and we keep our word. We combine professionalism with good cohabitation.

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It also offers spectacular shows of jazz, bolero, salsa, meringue, tango and hot dance, amongst other rhythms. While this casino does not offer any accommodations, it does not charge an entrance fee and is open 24 hours.

Horse tracks or Horse Racing in Argentina?

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Here is information about some of the casinos in Argentina and what they offer. We are committed to the Group and each of its activities, cooperation and team spirit are of prime importance to ensure success in our actions. We take interest of new consumption trends of society.

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There are 73 cities with gambling facilities in Argentina which have legal gambling facilities available in total. The casino is a must visit if you are visiting Argentina in the winter.

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Besides this, Argentina also offers horse tracks and racinos for those pari-mutuel gambler's interested in the game. This casino is managed by Cirsa on behalf of the Argentinean National Lottery. Argentina place boasts of a luxury casinos and other nightlife activities made to suit different gambler's tastes and pocket book sizes.

Come experience the magic that is truly Argentinean. Argentina is a wonderful tourist destination, not just for its picturesque surroundings and the beautiful Iguazu falls, but also for its casinos.

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Casino joins with Monoprix to purchase Prisunic and takes control of the Horseracing in Argentina Horse tracks are present at Argentina for all enthusiasts. The casino opens at that time in the winter months in Argentina from June to middle of October. Besides these, Pinnacle entertainment recently opened its latest casino, the Casino Magic Junin de los Andes in Argentina.

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It is owned by the Argentine Jockey Club. This country offers many options in the form of cruise ships, horse tracks, poker and other pari mutuel facilities to suit all tastes. Our trend in each country is not only economic but also social, always within the framework of a sustainable development-oriented management. This casino opened up in the historic port district of Buenos Aires on 8th October

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