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Seido Salifoski, an original member of Paradox trio, is a master of the dumbek and a specialist of Balkan music. His music combines the loquacity of an Irish bard, the narrative rhythms of Samuel Beckett, and the raw physicality of a street-smart boxer.

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Playing all the hypnotic hits of originals, Bewaa and Binne funeral music of the Ghanaian xylophone. In the 's, banda music experienced a renewal, especially among young Californian Mexicans, many of whom have family roots in Sinaloa.

The Lost Women of Song.

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Eclectic Bassist Ari Folman-Cohen creates a solo bass experience that mixes improvisation and compositions engelskholm slot, leading creating trance-inducing dreamy soundscapes. Virtuoso xylophone played by a pink stuffed animal may seem disturbing, but we promise this is no joke.

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Shoots for a new standard, equal parts idiosyncrasy and mystery. Out of that fusion comes multi-functional sportswear developed for the active man. What they play isn't exactly salsa, son, cumbia, merengue or psychedelic rock; it isn't rumba, funk, bomba or plena - but It draws from all of those traditions, transcends them, and creates something new, trippy, and very danceable.

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In residence Saturdays in September. He has also worked as a sideman with the likes of Henry Threadgill and leads a number of projects including Xalam.

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Multi-instrumentalist and producer Nikhil P. Kurtz started out as a folkie, but has expanded her influences over the years, creating a sound that fits in best under the Americana umbrella.

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Rugged early twentieth century workwear. Joel Forrester is the composer of more than tunes, a versatile and accomplished jazz pianist, leader of his own quintet, co-leader of the legendary Microscopic Septet and a prolific recording artist who also penned the theme to NPR's Fresh Air.

Nicole, a Brazilian Jewish artist, cosmopolitan but deeply connected to her roots, celebrates the history that makes her who she is. And he is the one and only Chichadelico - accept no imitation.

He has been living in NY for a few years now, where he continues his exploration of Colombian music through experimentation and improvisation.

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Please see Topcashback's full Terms and Conditions page for further information. Yerawadekar works with Antibalas and The Sway Machinery.

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Carolina Oliveros belongs to a younger generation of cantadoras who have a deep connection to the tradition but have also been influences by all the music they were exposed to growing up: The Special Friday Edition.

Andy draws equally from hassidic melodies, folk tunes from new and old worlds alike and Albert Ayler-influenced free-improv.