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This means that even blue mages will sometimes kill her. With the additional stat buffs this provide, Camilla has become capable of being an excellent all-rounder sort of unit. G Tomebreaker helps her to be a more rounded unit, eking out wins against units like Cecilia and Julia, however B Tomebreaker is necessary if you want her to double units like Linde, Lute, or other high-speed blue mages.

Her ability to recover HP after every combat means that she can effectively run Fury while severely mitigating the HP penalty losing -2 HP per round of combat. And only then with the greatest of reluctance.

But that is something on which we can only speculate for several chapters. She's also relatively budget-friendly, as all of her skills can be found on 3 star units and her highest cost investment would be forging her egg. A woman more sinned against than sinning. She requires team buffs to be fully effective and will score lower than her melee allies in the Arena. Matthew Blease For much of the final decade of the 20th century, the unravelling of the marriage between Charles, Prince of Walesand Diana dominated the news throughout the galaxy.

Though enough has been written about that unhappy marriage — mostly by me — I should add just one further thing. This serves almost the same and as Close Defense though the enemy would do 1 additional damage and works at any range.

This allows her to play the role of a flying green mixed tank, which she plays quite well with the proper investment. Yet because of his profound sense of duty to his country, Charles decided to give his marriage a go for at least a week before ringing Camilla to have a moan about Diana.

Spring Camilla is capable of tanking arrows and retaliating harshly. Flier Camilla has great maneuverability on all maps, which allows her to attack opponents from safety over water and mountains. Yet despite all the lies that have been told about her, Camilla has retained her dignity. Diana chose to make false claims about her and the mud stuck.

Like other slots, her Sacred Seal can be alternated as well to best suit your preferences: Camilla had a camilla slot childhood if you like reading about the upper classes at play in the postwar years. There was an instant attraction between the two of them, an attraction born of a shared intelligence and a love of hunting.

Her love for Charles, and his for her, has a purity and nobility that has shone through the 35 years I have been writing sycophantic books and articles about the royal family. Good Defense Camilla can be built with Gronnraven to tank arrows easily, making her incredibly valuable to her fellow fliers.

Ignis should only be chosen as her special if you invest heavily in her Defense to make it higher than her Resistance. With a low Resistance stat, Camilla also lacks the bulk to take many mage fights, and without certain skills it's relatively simple for even blue mages to kill her.

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For a more specialized AA build, Emerald Axe is a favorite to use with her, as it allows her to completely wall off blues from harming her. While it was at one camilla slot popular to run her with Distant Counter and Emerald Axe, the influx of forges allows her to pick up a Slaying Axe instead for higher damage and more versatility.

Share via Email Illustration: Introduction Camilla was the first of a new unit type to be introduced into Fire Emblem Heroes, and as a green tome user, her viability was a little shaky in the first few months of her release. She requires a full base kit rehaul for either of her optimal builds. Tapes of these conversations mysteriously reached the public domain and have been widely misinterpreted.

With Hone and Fortify flier buffs equipped, she could do quite a bit of damage, though she would rarely have the capability to double any enemy units. Finally, as a flier, Camilla can support her mixed-emblem teammates uniquely through skills like Guidance or Tactics skills.

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Her B slot is also variable, depending on what you want her to counter. Far from being the woman who nearly brought down the House of Windsorit is my opinion she will come to be seen as the woman who saved it. Although she doesn't generally require any 5 star exclusive skill to shine, she still needs plenty of SI. A woman worthy of beatification and through whose devotion and duty Charles has been transformed into a semi-functioning human being.

Still, don't let that fool you into thinking that she's the answer to all of your problems. She said that Camilla and Charles had made love on the night before the royal wedding.

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She is very difficult to obtain because of this. Wings of Mercy is another option that allows her to function more as team support: She can use this to function as an excellent mixed tank. Weaknesses Master of None Having balanced, rounded stats means that Camilla will never excel in any one role as much as a min-maxed unit might be. Dragons are a constant camilla slot, and even Nowi can hurt Camilla significantly.

Her only option to become best-in-class involves a costly raising of all of her stats through merge levels and high-investment skills.

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