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His daughter, Marguerite Gossewas a Nevada Assemblywoman. Nevada's pre-eminent architect and former mining engineer Frederic DeLongchamps designed the version of the Riverside Hotel for George Wingfield. Early history[ edit ] C.

This version of the Riverside Hotel was destroyed in a fire. Following the passage of the liberal divorce law, George Wingfield installed an enormous roof sign advertising the hotel in glowing neon that was visible all over the Truckee Meadows.

Wertheimer, most recently working with the Nevada Club group after coming to Reno from Detroit, was well-financed from his operations at the Chesterfield Club and others in the Motor-City.

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Gosse intended to rebuild but was unable to finance the project and George WingfieldReno's most powerful man at the time, acquired the property. The Riverside had an international reputation and was mentioned in nearly all of the novels and films featuring Reno divorces.

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Once in town, the well-off vacationers were systematically fleeced of their stock holdings and sent on their way. Over the next 25 years, the club had a progression of owners, most of whom ran a casino. Each of the apartment suites was furnished with a specially designed cork-insulated and tile-lined refrigerator. McKay and Graham decided that having access to a bank could fatten their wallets even more quickly than their casinos did.

Clare's mood turned bleak as the weather when she discovered that her reserved apartment at the Riverside Hotel a red brick building between the Truckee River and the courthouse was occupied and that she would have to settle for a 'cubby hole' of a room for the first three days. InJessie Beck purchased the property and opened her riverside casino nv casino.

A subsequent owner, Harry Gosse, converted the small frame building into a brick hotel, retaining the name Riverside.

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In the late s, Graham and McKay worked with con men from all over the country to lure rich prospects to Reno. Abelman ran the gaming with his partners, Steve Foro blackjack online and Bert Riddick, untilwhen Mert Wertheimer convinced Wingfield to let him expand the casino.

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Fuller operated a log building on this location that provided food and shelter to gold -seekers who were passing through the area in the reverse gold rush called the "Rush to Washoe" meaning people were heading east from instead of west to Californiaspurred by the gold, and later silverstrikes of riverside casino nv Comstock Lode. After Lake's death, his daughter and son-in-law operated the hotel and renamed it the Riverside.

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The Riverside added 84 guest rooms and the first swimming pool to be built in a Reno hotel.