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Suburbs[ edit ] Suburbs that form part of Bellville are: Bill Bezuidenhout Avenue in Blomtuin Bellville is named after him. The direction of such curvature is opposite to the direction of anti-elastic bending and may be observed by comparing the curvature of the finger due to anti-elastic bending as shown in dotted lines in FIG.

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Inthe wheatsheaf was replaced with a third hawk's bell. Helena Claudina Nel b. What is claimed is: This version of the arms, re-drawn by Belville slot Mitford-Barbertonwas registered with the Belville slot Provincial Administration in February The crest was a black eagle, and the motto Prendre sa belle. A Belleville spring according to claim 1, in which the slots extend inwardly from the outer periphery of the spring.

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According to the Becker patent this effect is alleviated by slot configuration, particularly by the shape of the aperture which terminates the slot. The stresses tending to produce cross curvature due to anti-elastic bending are thus neutralized, and the effect of the imposed curvature is to cause the finger to tend to assume a straight or flat cross sectional shape under bending load.

Anna Susanna Siebrits b. As indicated in ben lui casino Becker patent it has long been well known that slotting increases the stress concentration in the Belleville ring portion of the slotted spring, and that patent points out that loading of a slotted spring may cause an undulating or wave-like deflection in the Belleville ring part of the spring due to the alternate effects on the ring caused by the stiffness of the fingers and the weakening effect of the slots.

In accordance with the invention, each finger 14 of the spring is crowned or transversely curved about an axis extending radially through the circumferential center line of the finger, one of these center lines being shown as the line X-X in FIGS. Mediclinic International Louis Leipoldt and Melomed [2].

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Maria Smuts Theron b. However, we found that this wave-like deflection results wholly or in part from the nature of the bending of the fiat spring which constitutes each finger.

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While we have described and illustrated a number of forms which our invention may take, it will be apparent to those skilled in the art to which it relates that other embodiments, as well as modifications of those disclosed, may be made and practiced without departing in any way from the spirit or scope of the invention, for the limits of which reference must be made to the appended claims.

While, in the example described and illustrated in this specification, the slots extend inwardly from the outer periphery of the spring, it will be understood that the invention is not limited in any way to a spring having such inwardly extending slots, but applies equally to a spring in which the slots extend outwardly from the inner periphery, with the Belleville ring portion of the spring lying at and adjacent the outer periphery 4.

A black vertical band "pale" down the centre displayed two silver hawk's bells, between which was a small blue shield displaying a golden sheaf of wheat. A Belleville spring formed of spring strip metal in the shape of a frusto-conical washer having a central opening and having a plurality of circumferentially spaced slots extending radially of the spring from one of its peripheries and defining spring fingers between adjacent slots which are subject to anti-elastic bending on axial deflection of the spring, each of said fingers being transversely curved in the un-stressed condition of the spring in a direction opposite to the curvature produced by anticlastic bending thereby to compensate for anti-elastic bending of the fingers and cause each of the spring fingers to maintain frusto-conical shape as the spring is deflected.

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Haak retained this belville slotwhen Louis Pienaar took over from him. When a slotted Belleville spring of hithereto known construction is deflected by axial loading, the fingers 14, each of which forms a segment of a frusto-conical surface of increasing radius in cross section as the spring is deflected, will be subjected to anti-elastic bending stress, causing it to assume a cross-sectional curvature having its concave side outward of the frusto-conical surface of the spring, as shown in FIG.

The last two shopping centres were built on the grounds that were use to be a Quarry and a Jail. When a finger which has been given this permanent curvature bends under load imposed axially of the Belleville spring the finger, which is a flat spring, tends to flatten transversely, that is between adjacent slots, because of the compensating effect of the imposed curvature on the anti-clastic bending of the finger.

Other places of interest[ edit ] The multi-purpose Bellville Velodrome is located in the Tyger Valley area of Bellville. Tienie Meyer Bypass is named after him. In accordance with this invention, means are provided to cause the Belleville ring part of the spring to deflect uniformly and without wave-like configuration, thus increasing spring life.

Johanna Elizabeth Coetzee b. We have found that when the Belleville spring is operated the bending of the spring fingers between adjacent slots causes the edges of the finger to curl, and that this curling forces the Belleville ring part of the spring to deflect in a wavelike shape, increasing the tensile stresses in portions of the lower outside edge of the Belleville ring part of the spring.

In it was renamed Bellville, after the surveyor general Charles Bell.

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Barnard Street in Oakdale Bellville is named after him. As stated above, the effect causes wave-like deflection of the adjacent Belleville ring part of the spring, with resulting increased tensile stress. Second term see no 1 Haak,Jan Friedrich Wilhelm b.

It was founded as a railway station on the line from Cape Town belville slot Stellenbosch and Strand. Bellville Library Sanlam 's head office is also located in Voortrekker Street, Bellville Other sports an entertainment includes: The Belleville ring part of the spring is the un-slotted annular part 12 lying between the locus 10 and the inner periphery of the spring, while the spring fingers 14 are those portions lying between adjacent slots 8.

The shield was divided into twelve horizontal bars of red and gold, representing the original village name of "Twaalfmyl". Other hospitals in Bellville are: