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Kiss Me Goodbye was one of the last film that Caan would make for several years. People, October 4,p. He then moved to Los Angeles, California, where he began working in television.

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He also had the starring role in the film. Coppola gave Caan his first film role in five years when the director cast the actor as a burnt—out career military officer working burial duty at Arlington National Cemetery in the Vietnam—era Gardens of Stone. Caan also had problems with his temper, drug use, abuse, and depression.

Houston Chronicle, March 16,p. Petruso Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: B7; January 3,p.

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His tough reputation spilled over into Caan's personal life which was marred by several arrests for violence. The film was based on the true story of a divorced father who lost touch with his children when their stepfather was put in the witness protection program because he was an informant on the mob.

His stage debut came in in La Ronde.

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Piccolo was a professional football player for the Chicago Bears who was stricken with cancer at the height of his career. Ritchie movie Caan later said he disliked this film, as he did several films he appeared in just to work or for the money. He has all these deep layers of macho stuff; he's very boisterous, very outgoing, but then you work with him and get him in a corner, and d1 casino realize he's very smart and very sensitive.

Caan wanted to make to a simple, powerful film, but was upset that the film studio executives added music to the soundtrack that he did not want. Chicago Sun—Times, August 15,p.

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The breadth of his film choices could be seen by two films released inEraser, an action picture starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the comedy Bulletproof. It's very, very important to me. One of the roles that Caan did take in the s was the lead in 's The Gambler.

The degree varies of course, but if your whole life is [acting], you're nuts.

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G1; October 5,p. Caan played a romance novelist who has a car accident near the home of an overenthusiastic fan, played by Kathy Bates. Caan was often cast in tough guy roles, especially mafia types, but he also succeeded in doing comedy, singing, and dancing. While Caan's career was rebounding during this time period, he was still having numerous run—ins with the law and with tragic incidents.

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In the former, Caan played a navy captain in the real—life tragedy that occurred on the USS Iowa, while in the latter, a western, he played a warden of a local prison. Even before he left the industry behind, he was already playing more character roles, a trend that would continue into the early s.

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Daily News New YorkMarch 19,p. Toronto Star, May 26,p.

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