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On board ferryboats wooden benches are provided for sitting purposes. For tourists, it is a unique experience to travel by ferry, but for locals it is a day to day affair.

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Having a number of crisscrossing rivers and creeks, Goa's water transport services provide cheap and easy modes of transport connecting you to various parts of the city. Most of the areas of Goa, particularly the tourist spots are connected by an efficient transportation network.

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This will not only give the tourist unusual and pleasurable local water rides, but will also give the essence of folk culture which is very vibrant and rich in Goa. The exquisite gaming floors and dedicated Poker and Indian Flush rooms make it a true gamer's paradise.

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Food quality is good. Apart from roads, one can also take water route to travel from one destination to another in Goa.

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World cuisine buffets and A-la-carte menus. From maintaining the decorum of cruise to time-management. The Grand Exclusive Whiskys lounge with its bar entertainment.

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Travelling on the waves of Arabian Sea and enjoying the cool breeze is sure to provide a romantic experience. Overall experience was A-one with Deltin Royal.

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The ferry services in Goa are regular and affordable and thus they have become the backbone of water transport in Goa. As per my friends also, this is the classiest place. A Ferry ride in Goa is perfect for those people who want to see Goa in its real and rural form. In some places, crossing the water becomes essential if one has to go to the other side; and at such times, taking the services provided by the boats and ferries in Goa is either the only way or the easiest way.

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Live entertainment including floorshows, bands, Stand-up-comedy and much more. Various small villages surrounding the coast of Goa are connected by ferry.

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The boat and ferries in Goa are quite regular. You never realize how time flies. Ferry services being the lifeline of transportation in the state are seen connecting various major destinations.

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Apart from that I like the management of Deltin staff. Maximum charges are up to Rupees 55 only. For example, you can try taking a ferry ride from old Goa and go to a place called Divar Island or take a ferry at Cortalim to reach Old Goa when travelling from Margao.

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The team also provided us with great learning for all the different games available on board.