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The tail is docked shortly after birth, and front dewclaws are removed. They want to be with you all the time.

Many great dogs can become stars in this category. This is just exactly what they did to the Golden Retrievers and the Labs. It is the original, older, Irish and English lines that have calmer dispositions and sweeter personalities. They will follow you to the ends of the earth or into the bathroom. Take a look at your family situation and needs, and how much time that you have to interact with a new family member.

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Many families have sent us photos of their Trinity JR playing with not just cats and dogs, but with pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, Capuchin monkeys and cows and horses. Given the exercise requirements of the Jack Russell, a home with a large, fenced yard is more appropriate.

This should be carefully considered, particularly with children under two. Solid all black or brown dogs however, are not registerable, nor are dogs with a brindle coat. These dogs thrive on being an integral part of the family household.

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They make great teething therapy ropes for puppies, or a nice treat on a hot day for your dog. You are welcome to visit in order to pick up your puppy or your puppy may be flown to a major airport near you. The temperament of the short-legged Jack Russell Terrier is vastly different from the longer-legged, 'old style' American Parson Russell Terrier.

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So, politics or personal preference, its up to you to decide. They can become jealous of the owner's attention or they can just be play-fighting, puppy-scrappy and it gets out of hand quickly. What is a quality bite, what is gait quality-do the parents move fluidly?

Breeding for wonderful temperaments, genetic health and good structure. A puppy will take on the energy of the family or the children. If you're ready to submit your information and be contacted to discuss the possibility of an Aislinge Bray puppy please kindly fill out Reservation Request Form and submit.

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They may keep trying to get you to toss a tennis ball or a shoe or something that they can happily chase. We have placed puppies with families with sweet, kind two-and three-year-olds, and refused families with insensitive, undisciplined year-olds.

You might be able to adopt a Jack Russell from Russell Rescue for a lower up-front purchase price. Coat types, and breed standards and the controversy of sizes: Not all JR's are aggressive.

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Some Parson Jack Russell Terriers can be difficult to deal with because they are true hunting dogs. Our Black and Tan Jack Russell Terrier puppies are looking for loving, 'forever' homes and if you can provide such a home contact us. All the pictures show them playing nicely with each other. Are Jack Russell Terriers really as energetic as they seem?

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If we do not have any puppies available at the time we can recommend other reputable breeders who may have exactly what you are looking for in a Jack Russell Terrier. What do you get? Jack Russell Terriers are very energetic dogs, with a need for regular exercise.

As you do your research in deciding what type of Jack Russell you prefer, delve a little deeper into the three P's. They are more easily trainable, very intelligent and have a quick learning curve.

It is your personal choice and preference to pick the type of JR that will most suit your needs. Aislinge Bray's puppies receive early neurological stimulation in the Super Dog program, Early Puppy Imprinting socialization, sound socialization, experience grooming and nail trimming.

Some will be good guard dogs and protect the family from strangers. Some manage to keep their body temperature up if allowed to run and play, but it depends on their age, weight, and how acclimated they are to the cold weather.

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Not all dogs dig, but most all will enjoy a game of tug-of-war. Not all Jacks are into hunting, some need training, and some will prefer to be just with you. The end result being a loving, well trained, fun to be with companion. Thus they are not as aggressive as it have been bred out through the years. Jack Russells have a short, upright tail, about 4"-7" long. Children under the age of 3 or 4 could be a problem, unless the child is taught how to properly handle the terrier.

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It has not really subsided nor will we see it settled soon. It is a personal preference, but these dogs are better suited to be personal, family pets yet can still show, race, or play flyball when asked to do so.

They are truly a big dog in a little body!