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We saw a 2D movie, and they had technical problems, and eventually got it on. May not be quite as good as UK cinemas for saxo team slot. The offer seems a bit too good to be true actually.

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However all was not lost on that! Makes for a great night out. The casino is fantastic!

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The food was fantastic, but the deal didn't include the drinks. Then we had awful problems finding the place for the meal.

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The venue is amazing. They had a huge banner for it right next to the montecasino desk. My wife who I was homeland blackjack is actually from South Africa and although didn't have her ID he managed to use her address.

The great thing about it, was that although the deal is "Night out for two" The vouchers actually had a month on them. Anything more, and the vouchers become a discount.

So it was all a bit messy to be honest. Basically they sign you up as a member of the Casino as part of it, and that's why you needed the ID. Like a bottle of beer, glass of wine.

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They have various different ones as well, which changes the restaurant and how much free play and how many drinks you get. The cinema is about what you'd expect from a South African cinema. On my trips to Johannesburg, I have been to Montecasino a number of times. Also, I went back with my passport the second time, and got my casino card and did get my free play as well.

Top marks for that! The deal or no deal game was really exciting! It would have been nice if on the promotional material it said that. But you still need to put money in to get started! We recently took advantage of their very fabulous night out for two offer. Slot muzik prasekolah were very good and flexible with the whole thing.

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But no, we had to get it from the computicket office. I would recommend it! It was really good that he did manage to resolve the problem, and we got our vouchers. A lot to cram in though, but it doesnt matter as you can always use the vouchers on other days which is great! Overall the deal was fantastic! Just take your passports!

Then back to Montecasino desk, who told us to go to the casino desk to turn our ticket into vouchers. You can play with as much or as little money as you want, you set your own rate on how much you want to gamble. Where for just R, the both of us got a three course dinner at a posh restaurant in a hotel across the road, cinema tickets, six drinks at the casino bar, half price entry into the bird gardens next door, and R of free play in the casino itself!

The restaurant was nice, the service was nice.