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The moisture content of the Chuck, coupled with the griddle temp, caused the burger to steam more than sear. The iron and saltiness further served to complement the combination of beef and bun.

I was not disappointed. The staff was busy at the Kahou Teriyaki Fire Roof truck, so I did not have a chance to get a depth of detail on the burger meat. The American cheese was a decadent addition by way of texture. The glycemic index was lower than fresh noodles, because the starch behaved more like a fiber than a sugar.

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It added a creaminess to the firm mouth feel of the ramen. If you see this truck anywhere, stop by and enjoy a cheeseburger I called Happy Meal to see if he wanted one. The flat top cooking surface was viewable through a window, so I had the opportunity to watch the burgers and ramen "buns" cook.

The burger was cooked to a juicy Med-Well. The result was that the starch in the noodles was converted into a resistant starch.

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Frankly, a hearty sear would not have mattered from a texture standpoint. In other words, "all that and a bag of chips.

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The Meat To Bun Fatburger quest casino The burger value at Kahou Teriyaki Fire Roof was strong. A novel and tasty combination of ramen and burger were absolutely enjoyed at the Kahou Teriyaki Fire Roof food truck. There was a bit of greenery on my cheeseburger, but it club casino nh unnoticed.

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Med-Well was just right to denature the collagen in the Chuck, which released all of the beefy flavors. His response was, "Dad, dad The burger patty was just firm enough to linger on the palate and hold its own with the firm noodles.

Both the burger patty and the ramen pucks were pre-formed. The patties were flipped only once as they cooked, and this was exactly right.

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The bun was exactly what I hoped it would be The bun was heavy I was there for the ramen, beef, and cheese. The savory, chewy noodle pucks provided a firm chew that would have trumped even the best sear.

The bun and beef patty weighed in at fatburger quest casino a pound.

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Ramen-bun cheeseburgers are a novelty rather than a mainstay, and I am glad to have that out of my system. Normally food trucks jack up the prices sort of like the airport. The noodles were moist and hot with just a hint of carmelization, but not enough to create a stiff and overly chewy crust. This food truck was a welcomed exception to that trend.

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All three were cooked on the same griddle and brought up to temperature. I was driving home from a particularly awful casino windsor events 2018 workout when I spotted a food truck with the words "Ramen" and "Burger" adjacent to one another, in that order, on the side of a food truck, and not too far from my residence.

That's not all, though. The noodles had been cooked, cooled, and reheated. The burger was juicy, and this was re-enforced by the moist, dense, ramen bun.

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I'll ask the stupid questions here. I observed the nice man behind the griddle hit the burgers with a salty blend of seasoning on both sides of the patty as they sizzled away. There was only one cheese choice at the Kahou Teriyaki Fire Roof truck, and that choice was the correct one.

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