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Even IGT didn't have this feature until 10 years later on their S series and as an upgrade option, not as a stock item.

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This game became the prototype for later WMS games and the blueprint for its success. And the array casino mike twitter bizzare numeric error codes and weird procedures to fix them is frustrating.

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Though I'm not exactly sure which was the first dotmation slot by Williams, it was probably X-factor or Piggy Banking. Usually a "fish" grabs the lure, and the reel shakes and spins like the player has caught a big fighting fish. Wms lost the Telneas lawsuit, which forced them into the video slot machine market where the Telneas patent did not apply.

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Regular Lures are the most common and inexpensive and are fine for catching most normal fish. Unlike "regular" slot machines that just have three spinning reels, the bonus games provide a chance to increase the payout, and made the games more interactive and fun.

Williams Slot Machines with Reels Dotmation, etc. Fighting these fish will cause massive damage to the line, so be ready when the line slows.

Sink Lure 5 will quickly drop your lure past the smaller fish, helping avoid accidentally hooking an unwanted fish on your way down to the bigger ones. Of the Williams dotmations slot machines, certain titles seem to have been made in greater numbers. Though all the rage at casinos, I personally hate "ticket in, ticket out" video slots.


Even though most pinball people hate Williams slot machines because pinball financed slot machine development during the early s, and Wms gaming eventually overtook and closed the pinball division inI find the Wms spinning reel dotmation slot machines to be the best of this era.

Williams also made sit-down versions called the series.

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Note model and model and model or 40s are Williams reel slots with or without Dotmation, model are Williams sit-down reel slots, model are their video slot machines, model are slant top sit-down video slot machines version of theand Williams Bluebird is their newest Linix based video slot machine.

And last there are those that don't have a bonus round, but just have lots often hundreds of cute dotmation animations that play between spins: Hence very few survived. On dotmation games there are two switching power supplies - one in the top box for the DMD display, and a lower switcher for the rest of the game.

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This was followed up by some other great spinning reel slots like High Speed themed after the Williams pinball game, complete with the reels re-spinning like tires burning rubber, and cop chasing sirensand Top Cat, amoung others.