Anne Bonny

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In the second season, the love triangle between Rackham, Max and her almost causes conflict between them, but it always comes back to them declaring their devotion to each other. Why survive only to swing in Port Royal?

She travelled to the Americas as a young child with her mother and father. Taking refuge in the brothel, Max insists that they must leave immediately. However, the new crew will not accept both Max and Bonny receiving such a significant share of any future profits. Unbeknownst to Rackham, Governor Rogers has learned that the Spanish are insisting that all of the Urca gold must be returned, including Rackham and Bonny's shares.

However, Vane is eventually outnumbered and arrested. You owe some part of it back.

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The first thing they said every time was your name. They persuades Teach join the fight. Eventually, Bonny has had enough. In the end, the unthinkable happens; Blackbeard is captured.

Her back is heavily scarred from multiple floggings, presumably courtesy of her late husband. Rackham sends gambling exchanges letter to Bonny seemingly instructing her to turn over the pearls, but secretly telling her to take the cache and run.

Made a place for me. Eventually, she asks Idelle to get her a ship accepting passengers so she can leave. Fearing that the Spanish or English will respond overwhelmingly to the theft of the gold, Max tries to persuade Rackham and Bonny to exchange their gold for pearls, so it is easier to transport should they need to abandon the island.

Bonny and Rackham catch up with Flint on the beach, and send Billy Bones to Nassau to stir resentment towards Rogers, and try and rescue Vane. They would confront Rackham and Bonny, who would give in and tell them where the remaining pearls where hidden.

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Jack admits he has a lot on his mind, including the brothel's finances. And yet, she wants to throw that away. However, she refused, fearing that it would ruin her chances of rekindling things with Bonny.

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Whilst having sex, Anne points out Rackham is distracted. They meet Max at the beach, and Rackham tells her he wants to show her something "shiny". After that, Max seduces Anne. When Rackham and Anne led the crew to the "treasure", they were met by some of Eleanor's men, who slaughtered the remaining crew.

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One day, they were in a tavern, and a man saw Anne's husband hurting her. When Rackham attempts to garner a pardon, he is immediately taken into custody.

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Jack calmingly tells her that her that gossip means little, as those that would otherwise care are enjoying discounts at the brothel, a strategy which proved affective in avoiding potential repercussions to Noonan's fate. As a way to repay the cost to Vane's crew, Max went into his services, allowing the remaining members of the crew to have sex with her for no cost until the debt was repaid.

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The two became lovers, and, at some point beforethey joined the pirate crew of Charles Vane.