Measuring up: What you need to know about slot limits and checking your catch

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I believe it was 21 to 27 inches. Ditto, why you never hold a fish vertically to measure it.

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This means that all northern pike greater than this size must be immediately returned to the water. To keep trying to tie all lakes to one standard seems like a case of tunnel vision to me. When public sentiment and science mesh, it sets the stage for positive change.

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The extent of intraspecific pike on pike predation has been noted by many authors e. They still want a moderately high density of muskellunge in these "numbers" lakes, but they want fewer than there are now, and they want slightly larger fish on average. Passes may be purchased at local vendors or at the Cumberland Ranger District office.

How bad IS that? I can appreciate "local stakeholders" but you may actually be missing the real consumers for lakes like these, and that would be out of "county" visitors and fishermen, and those are the guys carrying the cash to support much of the economy. Dave I think if presented right anglers will keep some muskies on those lakes.

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Since this lake is one of three lakes located in the Daniel Boone National Forest, you'll find a myriad of activities for the entire family. We believe that is possible, but only if there are fewer hungry mouths to feed.

You still don't recognize the uniqueness of these waters and that they may actually be a resource rather than a problem to be solved. However, the muskie slot limit literature does not support the notion that pike will always 'prefer' a particular prey species - irrespective of its abundance - an allegation often levelled at pike in salmonid fisheries Hmmm, we usually use this one too!!

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We have to try something and we have to keep an open mind about it. And as a fishery ecologist, I also happen to know this would benefit the overall fish community.

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Things like minimum size limits, maximum size limits and slot limits. That seems to be what you are promoting, and I have to tell you I'm skeptical.

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Heck, even I would be unhappy with the DNR if that were true Fortunately, we have very different objectives for different waters. Athens, Ohio I've not read all of these very informative posts, but I have to ask the question: The consequences of pike culling exercises have been reported by several authors, including OttoBouquet and Kiplingand they are widely recognised by fishery managers.

Campgrounds provide nearly campsites, some with RV hook-ups. It was also on the wire service that the state of Iowa would like the walleye and sauger limit reduced on the miss.

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Army Corps of Engineers. Heck I'd be happy if they tried it on 5 lakes. But now, there are some other lakes I can think of, A couple decades ago, two progressive leaders in the fishery management profession -- Steve Weithman and Dick Anderson -- published a classic paper entitled "The Concept of Balance in Coolwater Fish Populations. We also have plenty of lakes like this that DO NOT have muskies and these lakes are near the musky lakes we are talking about.

It's critical background for anyone who wishes to understand and discuss the concept of balance in coolwater fish communities.