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However the user may wish to design a sail compatible with a rig. For printing panels to a precise scale it is preferable to export the developed sail in a DXF file and use a CAD package to print the panels. Using Sailcut CAD 2. These data can be used for creating the corresponding mainsail or to verify that a mainsail luff curve will fit the rig.

The gaff angle is constrained to 90 degrees maximum between the gaff and the luff. The deck and bottom screen is divided in boxes in which the various dimensions of the hull are entered.

This module allow the design of a hard chines hull. The layout of the slot opinie is set to landscape. On startup, Sailcut selects the language corresponding to your locale. The Radial cut is used mostly for competition as the cloth is mostly aligned with the directions of maximum strain.

You can reload it by using the Open entry of the File next time you want to work on it. The X,Y coordinates are absolute coordinates referenced to the lower left corner of the box enveloping the contour of the CUT line of the panel edge of cloth.

The program is tailored to design either triangular or quadrangular boat sails. Printing data and drawings The Print submenu of the File menu offers various printout possibilities: Saving and Loading a hull file The Save entry of the File menu is used to save a hull. Mainsail See below the chapter about mainsail luff curve.

The X-Y coordinates of the sail corners are usefull to quickly adjust the data entered. Jib for any sail which will be set on a stay, Mainsail for any sail set on a mast, Wing for any type of kite symetrical about the foot.

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Sail dimensions This is where the dimensions of the sail are entered. Any Rig which has been saved can be later opened as an entity with the Open entry of the File menu and can be used as an element to constitute a boat. Hull dimensions You can modify the dimensions of the hull by using tab Deck and bottom of the screen Dimensions entry of the View menu.

If there is an incompatibility in the data, the dimensions window will not close until it is corrected. The rig data are used for displaying the sails in their proper relative position with the rig.

Note that when using the radial layout, the seam width between horizontal sections will be twice the width of the seams between adjacent panels of the same section.

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The heights are refered to the stem fitting horizontal plane. A dialog box allows to preview the printout with a spin box to adjust the scale factor. The File menu is used for loading an existing sail, saving the parameters of the sail and Export the developed panels. Sailcut will compute the panels such that they fit within the declared cloth width including the seam and hems width as appropriate, except for a radial cut sail for which the width of each panels is computed from the number of radial panels entered.

In order to avoid that the leech makes a hook in the upper part of the sail when the wind increases, it is recommended that the Top profile luff shape value be higher than that of the middle profile and that the leech shape value at the top be lower than the middle value.

Sail panels development The developed sail is display by clicking on the Development tab from Sailcut CAD's main window.

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Sail shape You enter there the depth of the sail at 3 levels, near the foot, in the middle of the sail the exact position being defined in the mould screen and near the top of the sail.

In case of inconsistancy between data, the color of the fonts will tell you which data is suspicious. At the top of the window you will find a number of roll down menus. The drawing menu entry will print a drawing of the complete sail. You can modify the dimensions of the sail by using the Dimensions entry of the View menu.

For example if you find that the clew height Y is way below or above the height of the tack when you would like it to be slot voile panels, then you can substract or add the difference to the leech length.