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A series of psychiatric evaluations prompted by a defense motion for psychiatric examination culminated in a determination by the district court that Mrs. We were unconvinced and directed the district court to appoint a panel of three psychiatrists to examine Mrs. To hold that the mere existence of any preconceived notion as to the guilt or innocence of an accused without more, is sufficient to rebut the presumption of a prospective juror's impartiality would be to establish an impossible standard.

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Ford's conduct, coupled with her troubled and poignant history as wife and mother, lead us to conclude that the better course would have been a negotiated resolution assuring society of the defendant's permanent sequestration. Springer, who voluntarily disqualified himself. We discern no basis for holding otherwise. Ford and determine its applicability under Nevada law as it existed at the time of her criminal conduct.

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Finally, we conclude that defendant's sentence of death is not excessive or disproportionate to the penalty imposed in similar cases in this State, considering both the crime and the defendant.

Focusing on defendant's contention, it is apparent that the effect of the presumption of sanity may be negated only if: Ford was institutionalized her periods of commitment were brief and uneventful.

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Fourth, individual responses to counsel and ultimately the presiding judge reflected unconditioned attitudes and commitments upon which the judge could properly base his decision regarding challenges for cause. Defendant's contention lacks merit. State, supra; Bishop v. Ford's act took place well before June 6,we must conduct a proportionality review of her sentences.

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Ford was concededly behind the wheel of the implement of death and injury, preconceived general opinions of guilt should not have been unexpected. Defendant also proceeded through trial under a secondary theory of accident.

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The jury then proceeded to fix the penalty at death. In any event, the historical testimony of Mrs. Ford was not competent to stand trial. Ford's mental history and condition may have actually benefited defendant since her only plausible defense at trial was that of insanity.

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Nevertheless, the judge carefully canvassed Mrs. Moreover, the articulate defendant also displayed the mind of one who is decidedly above average in intelligence. It is true that numerous veniremen were unsuited for jury service because of irredeemable prejudice, but that fact alone was not dispositive on the issue of venue. Challenges for Cause Defendant contends that several prospective jurors never should have survived challenges for cause.