Slot scanning x-ray, the...

The light then propagates through the scintillator and exposes the photodiodes in which charge signals are generated and stored. None of these compromises has been found to be acceptable for practical radiography imaging use, due to compromised noise properties from rapid image read out and the difficult task of combining the discrete slot images into one smooth image.

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Next, the signals in leading edge image lines may be used to estimate the scatter component in the fan beam exposure data which may be subtracted from the trailing edge image data to mathematically remove most of the scatter component left in the slot-scan x-ray image. Of course, the slot scanning x-ray is not limited to these embodiments.

Segment C-D shows the accumulation of the fan beam exposure signal as the fan beam passes the pixel. Description This patent application claims priority to, and incorporates by reference in its entirety, U.

The entire flat panel detector system may include the detectorthe readout circuitand the computing and controlling device detailed in FIG. There is a need for a practical and efficient technique for implementing the slot scanning imaging technique.

The results may be used to correct the fan beam exposure data obtained by reading out the trailing edge image lines to further remove most of the scatter component left in these data through image analysis and processing. The beam modulator may include, for slot scanning x-ray, an array of pistons and elements necessary to move the pistons when controlled by the computing and controlling device It should be appreciated that the examples which follow represent embodiments discovered to function well in the practice of the invention, and thus can be considered to constitute preferred modes for the practice of the invention.

Since all the trailing edge image lines were erased prior to exposure to the scanning fan beam, the image formed by reading out the trailing edge image lines contains mostly primary x-ray signals with only a small scatter component originating from x-rays scattered within the fan beam itself. An image pixel is a sub-unit of the detector of FIG.

The method of claim 7wherein using the second image line information to create the x-ray image includes combining at least one accumulated pixel charge signal.

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During a scanning operation, if the leading edge is at line L, the trailing edge is at the line L-W. In one embodiment, the invention may utilize a solid state or electronic detector system employing a line-by-line read out method.

But due to light loss, this method is suited for mammographic imaging applications where the field of view is small and the minification factor can be kept low, thus reducing the light losses in fiber-optical coupling.

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Segment E-F shows that following the signal readout, the charge signal accumulates again due to x-rays scatter from the passed fan beam. Each line from the detector [] may include a plurality of pixels, and each pixel may accumulate a charge signal when exposed to x-ray radiation.

In one embodiment, the specially designed circuitry may replace all or part of the original addressing and readout control circuitry of a flat panel detector system.

As one of ordinary skill in the art will recognize in light of this disclosure, the invention may be used with most digital or electronic x-ray image detectors employing a line-by-line read 1 deck blackjack online scheme.

The invention may include reading at least one leading edge [] and trailing edge image lines. The system ofthe line selecting signals comprising clock pulses. The two digital radiography technologies which have been most successful in digital chest imaging applications are: However, slot scanning x-ray should be appreciated that many changes can be made in the embodiments which are disclosed while still obtaining like or similar result without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

While methods and apparatuses of this invention have been described in terms of preferred embodiments, it will be apparent to those of skill in the art that variations may be applied to the methods and in the steps or in the sequence of steps of the method described herein without departing from the concept, spirit and scope of the invention.

The method ofwherein resetting the first image line comprises erasing a scatter signal. The readout method may be implemented via the readout circuit and the computing and controlling device of the slot-scanning digital radiography system detailed in FIG.

During the image readout process, the charge information stored in the capacitors may be read out by turning on the TFT switches on a line-by-line basis and transferring the charges to the charge amplifiers.

More particularly, the invention relates to flat-panel digital radiography.

The processing operation may include correction of the accumulated pixel charge signal for non-uniform gain or bias to create an x-ray image. When using the system with a beam modulator, the invention may include acquiring a low dose unequalized image in order to determine the incident beam intensity pattern required to compensate for the unequalized attenuation pattern in the image.

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The fore-slit collimator and the associated components may be placed between the patient and the x-ray tube assembly Field of the Invention [] The invention relates generally to the field of radiography.