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This Prestigious WPT $3,700 Buy-In Event Will Run From Aug. 29 - Sept. 4

The hand started with a raise from De Silva, a three-bet from Lyons and a four-bet shove from Peterson. Shepherd hails from Fullerton, CA, where he holds down a full-time job.

However, the WPT had another reason to celebrate. Shepherd was the lucky bustout. It is a rather small prize to pay for a pretty memorable experience.

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I bought his book at the WSOP. In addition to his bustout, Shepherd told the WPT another bustout at his hands is one he will always remember. In another way, it helped make me Day 2. Benjamin Zamani already had a runner-up finish earlier in the season at Choctaw, hoping to finish one spot higher but facing an over two-to-one chip deficit against Pat Lyons. Heads-up play lasted less than 20 hands when Zamani shoved with as Lyons called with.

WPT decided to celebrate the occasion with a bunch of extra prizes for the exact player who got the billionth dollar. Tony Dunst served as the Raw Deal and live streaming host for the past several years. It looked like the tournament was in for a memorable conclusion too. It is remarkably good timing too. Zamani settles once again for second place this season to take over the WPT Player of the Year lead with 2, points, ahead of James Mackey.

WPT celebrates billionth dollar awarded With entries across three starting days, this was the second-biggest Legends of Poker Main Event ever.

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Benjamin Zamani β€” 3, Seat 4: Hellmuth got heads-up for his WPT title. Vo lost a huge pot to Todd Peterson, attempting a huge bluff on the river with nine-high as Peterson eventually called, showing two pair. The on the river gave Lyons the winning hand and a round of drinks for the spectators as three remained.

Zamani then doubled through De Silva by flopping quads to tighten up the chip counts. De Silva folded and Lyons called withpromising the crowd free drinks if he won the hand, as Peterson revealed.

Rafael Oliveira β€”It was a short stay at the final table for Rafael Oliveira, eliminated on the seventh hand. Three-handed play featured plenty of action as Zamani doubled through Lyons, then De Silva doubled through Lyons to take the chip lead.

Finishing in fourth place was Peterson, knocked out in dramatic fashion by Lyons. The flop put Peterson in front with nothing changing on the turn. The tour awarded their billionth dollar at this event. William Vo β€” 5, Seat 2: The players agreed to show one card every time they won a pot.

Todd Peterson β€” 1, Seat 5: Zamani folded and De Silva called with. Lyons would retake the chip lead on the th hand of the tournament and never relinquish it again.

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However, he lost out to Art Papazyan for the title, and had to settle for second. Zamani called with and his pair of jacks left Vo taking home a six-figure payday. There is the Five Diamond event at Bellagio, the L.

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