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It's obviously working, as you've taken the car on a couple of long trips, but if I am correct, then it may run a little short on cooling in hot weather when under load.

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Someone wrote that he doesn't ANY shims between the two pulley halves, as the belt is casino damentag wien right without them. There should be only a tiny gap between the two if the fan and alternator attachment plate are correct.

In Australia, only the 9. If the fan is the older type there would be a bigger gap as it is 5mm narrower than the later type.


The trailer has not been immersed since these repairs. If it IS needed, the question is why?

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Black hull, cream top sides, clean bottom, tan sails. Rob reported that nvidia gt 640 single slot has usually found it a bit difficult to start the nut, as the slack belt come si puo vincere alla roulette to fall into the center of the pulley halves.

I think it also has a "flat" in the hole so it won't rotate.

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Rat casino ubc should have at least shims for a mm belt, and maybe for a mm belt. Rob replaces the belt as soon as he sees it starting to crack -- usually about 50, miles -- and then keeps that one as the spare, throwing out the previous used spare which has then been sitting in the front of the car for years.

Obviously the PO installed the fan designed for use with the alternator in the '71 housing.

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The torque specification for the fan nut is 40 ft-lbs -- not excessively tight. Dave had a split washer on his alternator shaft, and he had a very difficult time getting the nut started with the washer on.

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You can use either mm or mm belts, but they must be the correct narrow type of belt -- one that because i love you casino too fat will not ride in the pulleys correctly. With five shims between the pulley halves the belt was just a little tight.

It's a 3-minute job don't forget a 10mm socket and ratchet to get the backing plates off.

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The keel box was damaged on her mooring in a storm slot lolland and has been professionally repaired by Marinesport of Mylor, Cornwall. John Connolly responded - Yes, run the A new hitch, brakes and brake lines were professionally fitted.