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Again, the inner frame of the puzzle board is yellow-orange.

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This has been seen on several retrospectives. These episodes are the source of a frequently re-aired outtakes reel, where Vanna repeatedly flubs the line "highlight your nightlife" while shooting a bumper. This also results in contestant Erin landing on it and subsequently lifting it. On April 22, in an unusual move, Vanna walks over to help console the contestant after he loses the Bonus Round.

The arch behind Pat has a smaller video screen which displays an identifying animation, which resembles the Season 17 main title animation in that it features the wordmark in gold with a normal-looking "O" in "of", atop a graphic of a spinning Wheel.

The Gift Tag is crooked throughout the entire game.

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The Toss-Up wipe is changed to a ring saying "Toss-Up" on the top and bottom, and for the first time, the amount is written on a blue bar in the middle. A lot of creasing. All of these have audience laughter dubbed in. The fourth montage, set to "Round Round" by Sugababes, showcasing some of Pat's quirky behaviors, including wearing a frog hat on March 17, daytimecarrying out a giant fake hot dog with Vanna on a Wheel Goes to the Movies week in Maydancing with another circa contestant, and eating a banana while telling a joke to a stuffed gorilla on-set on September 24, On some episodes this season, Charlie misreads "omega-3s" as "omega three ess" instead of "omega threes" on some of the Eggland's Best plugs before the Jackpot round; this inconsistently carries over into at least the next season.

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February 9 is Sweethearts Week. Pinholes if affixed to the walls. A record-holding swimmer, she performed another first--a water ballet that many credit as originating the sport of synchronized swimming. She does; he doesn't. Director Mark Corwin is shown in the booth.

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December 15 is Blue Cash Week. The gateway casino edmonton alberta is decorated with pictures of NBA basketball players above the puzzle board.

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Afterward, Vanna says over footage of a contestant spin that "every year, over 1 million people inquire about being on Wheel of Fortune," which is followed by a Halloween week closing segment where Pat asks a skeleton prop on the set how long "he" has been waiting to be a contestant on Wheel. Winner of awards too numerous to mention: The Wheel's base, previously blue and gold, is rebuilt to have its current LED and Plexiglas appearance.

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The Mystery Round copy is shortened to "And in tonight's Mystery Round, one of our players could win this [name of prize] — [amount]! Pat and Vanna enter from a fake staircase at stage left. This is the only known instance until Season 28 of Summer reruns airing out of order. October On October 3, Pat and Vanna's post-game chat is about the changes to the puzzle board.

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