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Alfa laval slot strainer. Alfa Laval - Heat exchangers, Centrifugal separators, Pumps

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The helix may be split to form rings and the rings may be welded to support rods to form the configuration as shown in FIG. Water flowing through the clearance between the bars as used, helps flush the debris off the inside of the filter element.

The basesof the generally triangular cross sections of the barsare disposed with their bases facing inward, and apexes facing outward, each disposed in the surface of a cylinder defining an inside surface of the strainer element As a rule the liquid to be centrifuged in a sedimentation centrifuge is constantly added and constantly drained off.

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Bar 58 is generally rectangular in cross-section and terminates in a corner portion 80, which moves in closed spaced relation to the inside surface of alfa laval slot strainer strainer element Decanter solid wall screw centrifuge and nozzle separators psuedo continuous solid material discharge: That patent teaches the use of a fine mesh strainer element in combination with other elements in the form of honeycomb grids, the action of which prevents excessive entanglement and build up of fibers in and on the gambling tourism macau mesh element.

The strainer recited in claim 1 wherein said end of one of said two spaced members has a second bar attached thereto and spaced from said cylindrical surface to engage debris on said cylindrical surface. The adjacent sides and meet at apex remote from the base We further employ a new design for the straining media in which the straining media increases in size in the direction of flow so as to provide a smooth, flat surface to trap debris and reduce the possibility of retaining particles smaller than the screen opening.

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Ringsin the form of circumferential hoops, may be disposed horizontally as shown in FIGS. The backwash strainer recited in claim 1 wherein, said bars comprising a plurality of annular rings, said rings being generally triangular in cross-section, said generally triangular cross-sections of said rings alfa laval slot strainer a relatively flat base and sides, said sides of each said ring meeting at an apex remote from said base, said support means comprising a plurality of supports disposed generally perpendicular to said rings and attached to said rings, holding said rings in spaced concentric relation to one another, said bases of each said ring being disposed generally in said cylindrical surface of said cylindrical strainer element.

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The strainer recited in claim 2 wherein said strainer has motor means supported on it, said motor means being fixed to said hollow shaft. Inlet tube 14 is connected through an opening 48 in the side of the partition The rings are disposed generally perpendicular to the rings and attached to the rings on the outside thereof, holding the bars in spaced relation to one another.

Ring 60 is machined concentric with ring 61 to guide the strainer element 18 and support it concentric with the hollow shaft 50, offering a smooth, efficient, cleaning operation of the removal of the dirt from the strainer and extending the life of hollow bearing The incoming water in said strainer flows from the inlet up through the straining element to the outlet.

The rings are then rewelded if desired.

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The strainer element 18 has a first ring 51 on its upper end that fits into ring 61 on the body and a second ring 52 on its lower end which rests on ring 60 on body The backwash pipe 42 has a central axis 77 and terminates in close spaced relation to the inner periphery of the strainer element The apex of each of the generally triangular cross sections of the rings may be welded to the support bars The hollow backwash arm 32 extends outwardly from the hollow shaft Sedimentation centrifuges have solid wall drums not perforated.

The vertical bars can be spaced at any suitable distance depending on the material being handled, for example, the vertical bars can be spaced 0.

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The strainer recited in claim 3 wherein said rings are closely spaced from one another providing said inwardly facing cylindrical surface. Support ring 60 is welded to and is therefore is an integral part of the partition The foregoing specification sets forth the invention in its preferred, practical forms but the structure shown is capable of modification within a range of equivalents without departing from the invention which is to be understood is broadly novel as is commensurate with the appended claims.

As the backwash arm 32 rotates, filtered water from space 88, flows back through the strainer element 18 into the slot 66 between plates 68 and 70 and carry with it the debris that has accumulated on the inner surfaces of the rings 20 or bars The bar 58 is supported on bracket 84 and fixed to plate 68 by means of a suitable fastener.

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As an alternate, the strainer element 18 can be made with a plurality of straight barstriangular in cross section, disposed vertically in closely spaced relation defining a hollow cylinder.