Top 5 Trinkets for Guardian Druid

Best in slot druid tank trinkets, level 120, patch 8.0.1

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An important note is that to get crit immune, resilience is also a good option for a bear tank, as Waist I was very lucky to pick up this little beauty on our second Malygos kill. This is a nice, balanced item that will help you get your bonuses.

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Weapon This one is a no-brainer, but good luck getting it. The same goes for any leather, now that I think about it. If Nourish is in your rotation at all, you will want to keep your 4 pc bonus.

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Take excess Emblems and get yhe Savage Dragonhide. If you have reached the defense cap ofdo not be afraid to gem all your open compulsive stock market gambling with [Solid Star of Elune]regardless of gem set bonuses. We plan on running it several times on normal JUST to practise handling our dragons in combat properly.

AoE heals can proc the effect on zero, one, or multiple targets depending on your luck. This is important to a feral tank since without best in slot druid tank trinketsparryand immunity to crushing blowstheir only option is to "eat" the spike damage.

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As for other trinkets—the Spirit-World Glass is something I really want to pick up for myself just in case changes are made to mana regen. So, there you go. Chalice of Moonlight Initial Rating: At this point you have the gear to tank Oculus successfully… but the helm drops from the last boss, and the fight has nothing to do with your gear or class.

Charm of the Rising Tide Initial Rating: Also, the Wintergrasp PvP gear that you can buy from Wintergrasp Marks of Honor after the next patch are also very, very nice. Most people will only see one of the two stats during raid, which makes it somewhat easier to gear around. Killing the dragon is a solid accomplishment. Its value compared to Defense is disputed at various level of the tanking progression, as it is weighted differently in the item budget.

These are not in any particular order, as a good feral tank will work to balance all these items while meeting minimum specifications. The cap against Raid Bosses level 73 is 35, armor. Any items that just require Honor to purchase… be advised, those Stone Keepers Shards that you get from bosses killed while your faction controls Wintergrasp can be used to buy Honor.

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One item that should be touched on, but is more important for raiders than for the casual bear tank is hit rating. If you are getting the Darkmoon Card: So adjust the list where your drop choices deem appropriate.

Heroic Oculus has the Mask of the Watchera great helm.

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Feet Get these boots with your Emblems of Valor and never worry about it again.