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Year-Round Activities The summer months bring some of the world's best weather to Tahoe. Skiing and Snowboarding Northstar-at-Tahoe - A medium sized mountain just six miles from the lake, Northstar-at-Tahoe features 17 lifts and over 80 runs. Take advantage of the almost square miles of beautiful lake surface to water ski, sail, canoe, or take a cruise.

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From the early Indians to authors such as Mark Twain, folks have tried to capture the beauty and mystique of the lake with nicknames like "Big Blue" and "Grasshopper Soup. Was this page useful?

South Tahoe

Construction activities had been linked to a 'clouding' of the amazingly blue waters of the Lake. No matter which side you choose, a getaway to stunning Lake Tahoe will not soon be forgotten. There are lakefront restaurants all over the Lake, most equipped with docks and buoys See the restaurants section There are all sorts of boating events, such as sailboat racing, firework shows over the lake, guided cruises, and more.

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Sierra-at-Tahoe -Slightly smaller that Kirkwood, Sierra-at-Tahoe boasts of its close proximity to Sacramento and features 12 lifts and 46 runs. Read more Read less.

Snow tubing is popular among people who are interested in alternative sports. Homewood High and Dry Marina Lakeside. Kirkwood - Kirkwood is a medium-sized mountain with 12 lifts and 65 runs located on slot walls Highway Disney Touring Plans Skiing and Snowboarding Heavenly - The largest ski resort in all of California and Nevada, Heavenly covers almost 5, acres and features 30 lifts and 95 runs.

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Lake Tahoe, in addition to its panoramic beauty, is well known for its blizzards. The California side draws families and outdoor enthusiasts while the Nevada side beckons those looking for big name entertainment and casinos.

Since the sthe cladoceran populations have somewhat recovered, but not to former levels. The Tahoe area features over 20 golf courses from championship links to municipal courses so everyone from the avid enthusiast to the casual weekend player can find a comfortable place to play.

Official Resources provided by More With the bluest of blue water and the greenest of green surrounding forest, Lake Tahoe, quite simply, transfixes. The shrimp provide a food resource for salmon and trout, but also compete with juvenile fish for zooplankton.

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Throughout Tahoe, Cross Country SkiingSnowmobile riding, and Snowshoeing are also popular, thus there are many trails for them. Some of the major ski areas in Tahoe include: The shrimp began feeding on the Lake's cladocerans Daphnia and Bosminaand their populations virtually disappeared by Many ski areas in Tahoe also have Snow tubingsuch as Squaw Valley.

Located between California and Nevada, different sides of the lake tend to attract different types of visitors.

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Many of the area's resorts also feature money-saving golf packages. These regulations are unpopular with many residents, especially those in the Tahoe Lakefront Homeowners Association.

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Scattered throughout Tahoe are public and private sled parks. This data set, together with more recently acquired data on urban runoff water quality, is being used by the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board to develop a program mandated by the Clean Water Act to limit the flux of nutrients and fine sediment to the Lake.

Environmental protection Edit Until recently construction on the banks of the Lake had been, more or less, under the control of wealthy real estate developers. Tourist activities Much of the area surrounding Lake Tahoe is devoted to the tourism industry and there are many restaurants, ski slopes and casinos catering to visitors.

Founded when a proposal to build a four-lane highway around the lake—with a bridge over the entrance to Emerald Bay—was proposed inthe League has repeatedly thwarted poorly designed development projects and environmentally unsound planning. North Tahoe More rugged and less developed, North Tahoe features many of the same amenities as South Tahoe in a more subdued, relaxed setting.