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I have had good news in just these three days of the new year about two of my friends' good health when closest casino to elkhart indiana was expected. I love the Welk Resort in Escondido and especially the people. Please accept this as my official thanks to each of you who were so generous.

I pray you have a blessed holiday season full of festivities with family and friends and the joy, love and peace that this season brings to us with the celebration of the birth of the Christ child.

The wonderful heart-warming stories we've seen and heard recently have given us all a sense of our humanity. It was such a dream to me--to be able to bring the family together and to have so many fans and friends there enjoying each other and beautiful Alaska!

Mary Lou did a fabulous job putting it together. Thanks to all of you who have supported Casino pier and breakwater beach waterpark seaside heights with your donations and prayers.

Merry Christmas and Happy Ralna Health is so important and I must tell you that both of my friends have extremely positive thoughts and great expectations. Please know that the most cherished gift that you can give, bar none, is your presence and support in my career and in my continuing endeavors. Christmas was glorious here in Scottsdale with my sister, Jane, her husband, Robert, Julie and her beau, Christopher, my granddog and good friends sharing the holiday spirit and the blessed gift of this season, the birth of the Christ child.

He said he got chills when he came to the podium and looked down at the multitudes of people and at the Washington Monument straight ahead. Hi Everyone, I am thrilled to let you know of another milestone in the history of Childhelp. Hi Everybody, I have not stopped since I returned home from Escondido. I hope your summer is full of fun and laughter. Thanks to all of you who came to see our show.

You have made it possible to save many lives through your support.

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Pictures will be coming soon. I was overwhelmed and especially for so many of you to come and join me for the special occasion.

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We have lots of parties and fun times planned for the week they are here. I am looking forward to a great summer in Scottsdale with lots of spa time! When I speak to my idol, Norma Zimmer, and the man second only to Lawrence himself--Myron Floren, on the phone in the same day, that makes it an especially special day.

All My love, Ralna P. WQPT made us feel so welcome and seemed to be happy with our performance, which means a lot.

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Well, I survived six hours in the dental chair this week and I'm just so grateful to have such good doctors. We always have fun working together on that show. What a joy it is to see familiar faces in our audience and after the show when we sign autographs.

All My Love, Ralna What a lesson for me! Pictures will follow later.