The Garage Screen

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The two red stars in the vehicle portrait indicates that you haven't won your first victory in the vehicle for the day. The rank insignia can be seen printed next to the rank. Clan Creation To create a clan in World of Tanks you must pay an upfront gold free to create it.

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The first victorius battle of the day on a vehicle is special - you are awarded with twice the experience points. But you still need to pay for ammunition used. By checking this checkbox, any experience points earned on this vehicle will be added to "crew experience" in order to speed up crew training.

They correspond to the tech tree and the higher the tier, the better the overall quality of the gun. The arrows on the extreme right and left allows you to scroll left and right.

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This transfer to free tank experience is one of the fastest ways to earn research points for your other vehicles. Available only to Premium Account users. It doesn't mean anything special. Its like a bookmark or favorite.

World of Tanks Weak Spots, Tank Guides, and Tips

Crew Renaming There is a small option to rename your crew members which only changes their names for your own eyes in your barracks. Converting Gold to Credits Many players will find themselves low on credits if they do not own a premium tank and play it a lot and are looking to buy multiple tier 9 and tier 10 tanks. The fixed fittings are the gun, turret, engine, chassis and radio.

Instead using free experience and converting experience should be used sparingly to skip past stock tanks. Just read on and they will all be explained on this page. The characters in the square brackets is your clan's shortname.

The Garage Screen

You can buy a Premium Account with Gold, and Gold is bought by real money. A vehicle achieves Elite Status when all research options in its tree is unlocked.

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These shells are typically used in large numbers for competitive player but in public matches should be used a bit less. My favorite is the Small Repair kit. Only crews that are the same nation and tank type will work without the need of being retrained. The gold option makes using these shells very expensive and wasteful since you are literally throwing money at people for small gains.


With a maximum penetration of 87, the front armor is completely impervious. You buy them using credits and some modules are not interchangeable. For example, let's say my turret was damaged during battle, then I'd press "4" to activate the repair kit, and then press the number again to select turret.

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Creating a platoon allows you to play with your friends. There is also an option to convert the experience on elited fully upgraded tanks using gold into free experience to be used on other non-elited tanks.

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It looks similar to the Tank Companies screen. Cookie Policy Share this: You can find several tank guides which review premium tanks over in the tank guide section here on WoT Guru that will help you with a purchase of a premium tank.

These buttons are quite self explanatory for the most - they allow you to select and configure the various armament and fittings on your tank.