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They turn on winning, they turn off winning.


All wins originate from the left, which makes your wins easy to spy as they generate. Spin the machine it stops on the same thing Every Time,People are not as stupid as you think they areIt stops on the same thing every time,learn another double down casino classic slots that one is old,Stop cheating if you want people to play I'm close to stopping your game,Same scam,,,your a joke,why don't you shake your machine a little more instead of moving it?

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But anyways sorry I started rambling I do wish that it had a better daily bonus or something to help give us more points to play on since the games available aren't under bet or anywhere near it far as I've seen It is a business and they take your money, and give nothing back.

You need 3 for a win and 5 of a kind pays 7. They turn the winning on and they turn it off. How can they keep taking my money like that, and not give anything back? Symbols must connect and cannot be random on the paylines. From then on, It was down down hill continuously from there. But other then that I dig it. You need 2 for a win and 5 of a kind pays Then they turn off the winning. Classic Slots reminds me of the days when you could throw in a couple of quarters and win a big jackpot!


The minimum spin is a very affordable 10 and I have won plenty, playing on this bet. Please consider turning off AdBlock software or at least whitelisting our url ddpcshares.

You need 2 of a kind for a win and 5 of these babies wins you the Jackpot. No jackpots, no wins, just took and took and took. You need 3 for a win and 5 of a kind pays 5 x your wager Cherries: Not playing, but winning.

You need 3 for a win and 5 of a kind pays 5 x your wager Strawberries: Your most valuable symbol is the "Casino Shield" This is your coveted wild. Bet 1 mil, win k, which means I lost k.

I know as a customer or game players stand point the more I like one place the more I'm gonna wanna keep going there to play, I'm gonna take high bet chances at some point to test the water and I'm gonna lose possibly-most likely but wanna keep playing it so I'll end up, if able to buy coins from y'all to play on Hire some smarter crooks, Thief, Jul 21, PlayerMkp Several times I bet a million and of course you lost connections put back what you stole from me just check your records I know legalized gambling and crime in canada steal but don't let me watch you do it, you don't even spin them just shake it a little,you don't even have to wear a mask,You didn't post my review post it thieves,Back to your old tricks,Why don't you spin the machine?

It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the newer games but if you are hankering for a little retro, this is it. As humans we at times need something to keep our mind off things or just to pass time You can expect to find "classic" symbols on this 20 payline slot. The fun for me is winning. I rate you as thieves,I do work that's better than what you do thieves,stops on the same thing every time,Every time,I'm not playing the machine I'm playing YOU,your a joke,Still the same,You could use a different pattern,Get a better crook to operate the picture,Why bother,Stops on the same thing every time,you are a double down casino classic slots old crap,stops on the same thing every time If every body was as stupid as you think I am you could make a lot more money,You always cheat me out of my bonus spins,,You sure cheat,How can you lose 30 billion and your numbers never change?

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I even though to buy my chip jar. Forums Classic Slots "Classic Slots" is a personal favourite of mine. If a person loves that particular place and their deals on sales or coins and other game related add ons they will stay especially if you keep updating the games They turn winning on and off. I want to win, this game should try to give something back, instead of taking all the time.

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It is not regulated like a real casino. For a couple minutes. Stops on the same thing every time,!!! More ppl would stay with this one is there was more "free" coins in the beginning anyways definition gambling sports possibly hook them into buying some of that's what your goal is You need 2 of a kind for a win and 5 of a kind pays 25 x your wager.

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You cannot change your initial wager during the bonus. Unlike some games, this wild applies to every symbol except for the "Scatter" free spins symbol. In one turn it jumped me to 1. If you do so, reload this page and the content will be available to you once again.

You need 3 for a win and 5 of a kind pays 2. You need 2 of a kind for a win and 5 of a kind pays Scatter symbols, as the word implies, can be random on the paylines.