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Slot canyons near moab utah. Professor Creek/Mary Jane Canyon, Utah

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Indeed, slot canyoning is an exercise in human Slinky-ness: Though this slot canyon ranks as the easiest to traverse within Zion National Park, it is 16 miles long and requires 13 hours to traverse. But Little Wild Horse is a treasure within an extraordinary landscape. What do you see there?

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Finally, we reached the Mary Jane slot canyon waterfall! Though conditions for formation are particular and demanding, Utah boasts the highest density of slot canyons in the world, with hundreds of those slot canyons being found in Kane County.

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Though slot canyons generously dot the region, they are most popularly found in the following areas: What do you do there? In Llewellyn Gulch, hikers experience magnificent scenery as they begin at a sandy wash at the base of foot cliffs, which soon deepens.

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We decided to explore a little side canyon, and it was so cool! I hiked that one about 3 years ago, so I don't have a blog post for that trail. Everything about these canyons is an adventure, starting with their location in the Escalante area, a surreal landscape of twisting slots and crannies carved into the ancient desert.

Easy to the chokestone; moderate if exploring above Management: Buckskin Gulch Buckskin Gulch is one of the longest and deepest slot canyons on the planet. So it makes sense that the most accessible part of the Narrows, the bottom, is heavily tracked.

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You shimmy, scramble, wade, scoot, slog, crawl, and problem-solve. Slot Canyons What is it?

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Cliffs gradually rise at either side, and eventually the path ends; the hike then involves walking in the streambed most of the time. It was only 70F in Moab, but the dogs were already hot.

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Here is where you are forced to start hiking in the creek, but hey I'm not complaining, that's what we were here for! Slot canyons are extremely narrow canyons that can measure as narrow as 3 ft.

Booker Canyon is only one of the numerous slot canyons in the Paria River region. Several steep, branching ravines cut into the surrounding land, and the ground is quite soft and sandy, so it takes at least half an hour to reach the creek again.

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It leads to a pass along a mesa. And then the hike begins.

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The entire time the trail will go in and out of the creek. We had a Tacoma, but small cars can make it.

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Slot canyons mostly occur among softer rock types like sandstone and limestone, and their formation is rare—mostly because they demand certain climactic characteristics regarding regional rainfall and temperature. This waterfall is a double-tongued waterfall halted by a chockstone, about 30 feet high. Little Wild Horse at one of its less wild and more open moments.

Our friend was in a Camry and made it just fine, but slowly.

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