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Other Non-EU countries will be watching the development closely.


The main goal of flight schedule planning is to ensure effective use of airport infrastructures, with the intention of acceding to the requests submitted by the many users and to prevent the waste of limited resources. All the airlines seeking access to coordinated airports and all the slot coordinators should attend the bi-annual IATA Scheduling conferences.

Stanton says airlines need certainty because they have invested billions of dollars in aircraft. This induced IATA International Air Transport Association to establish coordination offices at such airports, usually embedded within the organisation of the national airline.

Consistent global standards

Consistent global standards The Scheduling Conference works well, but the World Scheduling Guidelines WSGwhich are meant to govern the process need to be applied consistently across the world. It has recently gambling man catherine cookson an impact assessment. Therefore, we do our best to ensure, that all the accumulated information in this field are published on the Website.

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Within this scope, extensive detail is provided on subjects linked with flight operations as schedule planning, procedure for submitting requests for operation of charter flights, scheduled flights etc. And airlines counter that since they have put the effort and investment into buying aircraft and building up routes, and as slot allocation rules currently give them the right to continue using them, they should be entitled to recoup any increase in the value.

The prime objective of airport coordination is to ensure the most efficient use of airport infrastructure in order to maximize benefits to the greatest number of airport users.

The planning process is performed by the representatives of the Flights Scheduling Department. The communication with the airlines is conducted according to IATA directives, which are specified in: Where services planned during certain periods at an airport exceeded what the airport could accommodate without unacceptable delays, some services would have to be moved, usually with some economic penalty.

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Coordinators must be functionally and financially independent of any single interested party and act in a neutral, transparent and non-discriminatory way. Airlines also need flexibility so they are free to use their slots as they see fit. They argue that airlines that already have slots—particularly those at the congested peak times—have some sort of unfair advantage.

They must be certain they will have access to the infrastructure for the next years and this is why historic grandfather rights are appropriate.

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Certain states still have some way to go before their slot coordination systems meet international standards. For the purposes of airport coordination, airports are categorized by the responsible authorities according to the following levels of congestion: But the decision came too late. This makes for added complexity, which translates into higher costs.

The Israel Airports Authority is committed to the transparency and availability of the general information regarding flight operations at Ben Gurion Airport. Over the years, a consensus developed as to which services should be moved, in fairness to all planning to operate during the period.


As a result, slots at one airport are useless without corresponding slots at the destination airports. Chapter 6 — Airport Coordination Procedures. Finally, transparency in the system is vital. IATA is the international organization of airlines, which inter alia, classifies airports by air traffic volume and airport infrastructure.

They suggest that because of the inherently high value of peak time slots at the most congested airports, airlines may sometimes be operating flights to guard their slots and keep out competition.

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Airport Coordinator A coordinator is appointed by the responsible authority, following consultations with the airport managing body, all airlines using the airport and their representative organizations. There intervention gambling gabe four major pillars to the process; certainty, flexibility, sustainability and transparency.

Governments are under pressure to show that their infrastructure is being used in the most efficient way. In other words, the playing field would become distorted. Airports own the runways and the terminals.

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This creates difficulties for airlines. This has created difficulties for our scheduling.

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