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Fixed enemies not spawning in Erpo on Earth. Fixed having Dual Pistols equipped but switching to single Pistol after placing the Reactor Cell in Sabotage missions. Fixed enemies being able to trigger lockdowns in Sortie Mobile Defense missions.

Fixed title in the Melee Combo screen not being localized.

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We'll be revamping the categories of our Forums for this launch as well, possibly as soon as this week! Fixed Eximus units spawning in the Mastery Rank 24 Test making it very difficult to complete as the Operator.

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Added variants for enemy group knockback and get-up animations when they are struck together. All context actions now have the option to use a script to determine its action text dynamically.

Note from our Sound Design Team: Added custom leap attack animations for the Nikana.

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Enemy units start easy and get tougher towards the end of the mission as more enemies are killed. Active Kinetic Siphon Traps will timeout after 3 minutes unless it is tethered to a target. Fixed missing objective marker to locate Cache when playing the first mission in the Archwing Quest. The Codex now auto-closes when beginning a Quest without a starting cinematic.

Fixed several Melee weapon trails not showing up properly. Added a cool-down timer in chat rooms where you are limited to how frequently you can post. Added Mobile Defense consoles to more Grineer Shipyard and Asteroid tiles to increase the chance of playing in unique tiles for Mobile Defense missions.

Added an in-world navigation marker to Rescue mission tiles to direct to main door hack panels within a meter range. Fixed the Kubrow Tame idle animation not looping correctly.

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While still looking back, has been a fantastic year for Fashion Frame - if you're into that. These now occur in between Yellow and Red Crits. Fixed cloth collision Syandana issues with Saryn. The Prime Vault closes September 25 at 2 p. Thrown Melee weapon stats have been revisited to balance this new feature: Fixed Cephalon Simaris, Ordis, and Suda being too zoomed during their transmissions.

This will allow you to keep track of your friends list in more detail — know someone who is great with an Octavia?

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Fixed being unable to deal damage to the Jordas Golem from certain angles with the Fluctus. Fixed some Riven mods having improper grammar that would add confusion or make to the challenge description inaccurate.

Fixed the camera getting stuck far away from players in Captura. Fixed controller cursor positioning issues when navigating menus with scrollbars. Fixed issues with Glaive-style weapons being thrown through walls. Swapped out an old Grineer console panel with the consistent console panel in the Grineer Asteroid Fortress tileset.

Fixed Condor Dropships potentially ruining stealth because dropship enemies were always alert. Polished single-handed Pistol reload animations, including adding clips to those weapons that did not have one. Fixed an issue with back Sigils clipping on the Chroma Dynasty Skin.

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Fixed some cases where localized text would clip outside of the Riven Reroll Button. Console health is higher in Solo missions. Fixed an issue with the Penta grenades not detonating in succession while switching weapons with Adhesive Blast equipped.

Fixed sometimes not being able to go back on a zipline once you reach the end.

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Fixed an issue where players would sometimes have to relog to use items gifted to them. Fixed Excavators sometimes having inconsistent Health and Shields. Fixed a typo on Zephyr Migisi Helmet description. Find it in the Market or Alerts!

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Execute unique quick-melee combos and charged throws when dual-wielding for added damage. Added new blood effects for when you shoot or slash your enemies. Infested Boiler minions will now target the last target of the Boiler that spawned them.

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Fixed an issue where cloth would revert to their default position and then settle when things changed in the Arsenal. Fixed some beam weapons having too long or short controller vibration effects when shooting.

Railjack is not a project, but you'll see it in along with Archwing changes!

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Updated terminology for Melee combo descriptions for Portuguese and Turkish.