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Meanwhile, Robert's rabbit was raw, and Ramsay shuts down the blue kitchen. Season five contestant Robert Hesse and his wife were the guests for the night's dinner service. He later managed to spot weaknesses in the other dishes, earning praise from Ramsay. He accepted Ramsay's invitation and lined up with the men for the post-mortem.

Each of the children is served one portion of each contestants' dish. In the end, the men won the challenge Challenges[ edit ] In challenges, the teams or individual is tasked with a cooking challenge by Ramsay.

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Ramsay accepts the first choice of nominees to step forward and he sends Andy home for his inconsistent performances and numerous excuses for his issues, though praised him for having a big heart. After both kitchens closed, Ramsay went out into the dining room to speak to Robert, tithing on gambling winnings personally invited him back into Hell's Kitchen for another chance to win the competition.

Before anything happens, the episode ends with "To Be Continued" and the elimination is delayed until the next episode.

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Ramsay, while feeling Lovely had been the worst performer of the night, eliminated Tony for failing to control his station. Joseph received no elimination sequence, but his jacket and burned photo can be seen next to Lovely's. Dinner services may include additional challenges. Some challenges have been full breakfast or lunch services, where the team completing the service first is declared the winner.

He shows them tips from former contestants: Andy failed to pay attention to Ramsay's orders each time, repeatedly cooking the scallops incorrectly; he also undercooked the halibut, before overcooking the same piece. Suzanne cooked her Sea Bass early put pressure on Sabrina to quickly get out the lamb which ended up undercooked, and Ramsay temporarily removed Sabrina from the kitchen and forced her to eat the lamb.

While the chefs are in two teams, Ramsay is assisted by two trusted sous-chefs, each monitoring one of the kitchen casino cast, demanding the same standards and alerting Ramsay to any issues.

For the challenge reward, Dave joined his sister and fiancee for enjoying lunch cooked by the judging panel, and he also won a complete set of Demeyere Cookware. At the end of each episode, the chef who provided the best performance in Ramsay's opinion on the losing team is chosen to select two chefs from their own team for elimination.

Amanda under-cooks several entrees and bins six portions of lamb. On their return to the dorms, each member also receives a gift basket which included a Vitamix wales and west slot racing and Ramsay's book, Gordon Ramsay's Healthy Appetite. After Louie served poorly cut pieces of lamb and wasted a huge amount of meat over the course of the night, Ramsay lost his temper and eliminated him on the spot.

Ramsay agrees with the decision and sends Lovely home for her slowness, epiphone limited edition gary clark jr blak and blu casino being a terrible performer, her constant excuses for her shortcomings, and her lack of improvement over the course of 4 services.

Van and Sabrina were both singled out for undercooking the halibut; in Van's case, Ramsay slams a hand into the halibut, and then closes both kitchens. Later, Suzanne held up a table's orders too long due to delays in cooking the Sea Bass, and Ramsay forced them to redo the table. Just after service, Ramsay considered eliminating Dave because of his continuous pain, though Dave successfully pleaded his case that if he is to be eliminated, it was on his abilities as a chef and not on his injured wrist.

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Whichever letter it showed, the chef had to name an ingredient starting with that letter. She selects Lovely and Tennille. He also plays off Joseph's diatribe by reminding the chefs, "I'm nobody's bitch.

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Ramsay called Joseph an idiot before kicking his jacket to the side. Bonnie Muirhead and Aaron Song season 3 and Colleen Cleek season 5 to avoid mistakes in future dinner services. The men spends the day flying in a mock dogfight with professional aviators from Air Combat USA while the women prepare the dining room for the celebration with Ramsay's wife Tana giving specification help. Even Louie's sausage gravy was found disgusting.

The trio were told to decided to nominate two of the other three people for elimination, and their first choice was Suzanne. The majority of women are perfect, with only Ariel and Sabrina producing a line too thin, and the women won Each of these chefs dreams of fame and fortune, but many soon find their dreams becoming nightmares.

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They also ate cow tonguebaguettes and head cheese. From Waffle House chefs to executive chefs, the competitors are tested in every way possible, from leadership skills to culinary skills. The chefs are challenged to a blind taste test and were blindfolded as well. After a commercial break, only the door of the winning chef is unlocked allowing the winner to walk through and be greeted by the crowd below.

From this point onward, they compete grand casino dale ok to be one of the final two.

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Concerned about Amanda's ability to handle the pressure of being in Hell's Kitchen, he told her that her performance in services needed to improve quickly. Ariel's John Dory dish and Kevin's Caribbean Sea Bass made the top two and ended in a tie, with no consensus to taste the best.

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Sabrina also underseasoned the risotto, forcing Ramsay to grab Dave's risotto for comparison and she was reprimanded by Ramsay for underspicing the frog legs. The red team are far ahead, but get pushed back, allowing the men to catch up when Sabrina doesn't put enough chicken in the Alfredo and Tek undercooks some of the meatballs for the Marinara.

Ramsay flew to Whistler overnight, via a video connection, a tour of the Araxi restaurant, as well as introduce this episode's challenge: Finally, Melinda's poached lobster tail dish misses its main component: He fought through excruciating pain and excelled and went on to win Hell's Kitchen.

Amanda is scolded Ramsay because she didn't have her food ready, due to Ariel not having the pasta ready.