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Today, along with fishermen, the islands are visited regularly by divers and snorkelers who consider them among the best dive locations on the west coast with conditions similar to the Caribbean. What's nice is that these islands are relatively untouched and the wildlife there is in its own ecosystem and it works to keep the animals alive and well.

A cove below a lighthouse on South Coronado forms the only bay on the islands.

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Only the stone foundation remains though the name Smugglers Cove, and more rarely Casino Cove, adorn modern maps. The North and South islands are the largest and highest. In the s and s, during Prohibition in the United Statesthe cove on casino coronado islands Northeast side of South Coronado Island was used as a meeting place for alcohol smugglers.

Ten species of reptiles and amphibians are also found in the islands, as well as two types of land mammals, rabbits and mice. Although they have been called a dozen other names later fisherman upon seeing floating coffins, ghostly faces and shrouded bodies amid the rocks dubbed them: Since it was the time before radar, and as foggy nights are common, the large number of boats frequently resulted in collisions.

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Abandoned and forlorn, it later housed soldiers based on the rocky island who had their water and provisions shipped out to them. Article 7 - the state of Baja California is divided and understood as the following municipalities Ina group of 10 Chinese nationals were left stranded there by two San Diego smugglers who never returned to pick them up.

Pirates did stop by, and one old legend has it that a pirate named Jose Arvaez used the bay, later called Pirates Cove and Smugglers Cove, as a base of operations.

Then one Manuel Aguilar lived alone on the North Coronado catching lobsters. Sometimes they resemble a supine pregnant woman.

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Only about seven miles straight off the northern Baja shore, the islands catch your eye from the toll road between the border and Rosarito Beach. History indicates that due to lack of fresh water, no Indians ever lived permanently there.

One outfitter, Flagship Cruises of San Diego, offers a six-hour guided nature tour of Islas Los Coronados and participants have a chance to spot whales, dolphins, harbor seals, sea lions and kelp forests, including a visit to one of only two elephant seal rookeries within miles.

Middle Island is home to a small colony of Northern elephant seals. Allegedly he killed the crew of a British ship, the "Chelsea," but he and his men were caught when they returned to their cove and were hung from the yardarm of their own schooner. The True Story of L. Being that the islands were occupied by the Mexican Coast Guard at the time, the Mexican government complained and Hubbard was relieved of command.

Only one Indian shell midden was discovered, probably left by visitors seeking fish or lobster. They had food and water thrown to them, but due to political implications were not picked up for some time. Similar to the Chinese situation of a century ago, the would-be illegal aliens are sometimes left on the island for days.

Today nature tours have taken their place alongside the fishermen and divers and snorkelers in being attracted to the Coronados.